Off to a good start

Did anyone else have a ghastly Monday? I sure did. For no reason other than it was Monday.

Nothing specifically bad or obnoxious happened, but I worked late and was just tired and a major cranky pants. Then I went home and did our taxes, and that's always good news (where's the sarcasm font when you need it?).

Clayton and I owed money last year because when I started working at the college, our income went up ever-so-slightly and I didn't do as much as should have to adjust my deductions. We thought we remedied the situation this year, but then I got a promotion and despite taking all of the precautions suggested to me by a CPA, we still came up short.

We don't owe much, but it's just enough to be super annoying and put my dreams of diving into a vault full of gold coins on hold.

So I did what any reasonable adult in my situation would do. I made a drink.

And not to be a major broken record, but I can't take this cold weather any longer. It was -4° this morning. THERE WAS NOT A TEMPERATURE. WE WERE MINUS A TEMPERATURE. My skin is so dry, it looks wrinkly and feels tight underneath my clothing. I came home for lunch today and had to strip down to my birthday suit and slather a second layer of lotion onto every surface of my body just to get through the day. I have a rash on my shin from scratching so much. My nails are splitting in half. I've been living in Clayton's old softball sweats on nights and weekends because nothing I own feels warm enough. I've almost burnt off a layer of skin from taking showers because the water can never be hot enough (which also explains my dry skin).

But there's a silver lining, a shimmering ray of hope on the horizon. I looked at an extended forecast on and by the end of February, we'll be seeing consistent 50° temperatures and get this, RAIN SHOWERS. Thank goodness February is a short month.

Come to me, spring. Please come to me!

(^^That could not have sounded any creepier.)