Weekly Workout

I've been on a mission to try new, challenging workouts that will increase my overall fitness and make me a better runner (because getting winded while playing Just Dance on our Wii is horribly embarrassing and just downright unacceptable). HIIT (which stands for high-intensity interval training) has been all the rage the past few years, and the anaerobic benefits are too good to pass up.

HIIT is a form of interval training that burns fat and improves your glucose metabolism by alternating periods of short, intense exercise with short, easier periods of recovery. For example, you could do 10 burpees back-to-back and then walk in place for 30 seconds (and for those of you who don't know what a burpee is, it's just plain terrible and contrary to what the name suggests, does not involve bodily functions in the slightest ... unless you're pushing too hard). The idea behind running fartleks is similar: quick bursts of sprinting followed by several seconds of walking or jogging.

Since I've been required to work later hours over the past several weeks, getting to the gym has been difficult, so I've been relying on at-home workouts to get me through. Last night I did a Google search for an at-home HIIT routine and found the following workout:

A 17-minute sweat session? Puh-lease. I totally scoffed at the workout's short duration and mentally prepared myself to jump on the treadmill afterwards for a few minutes of running to make up for this sure-to-be-easy workout.

So how did it go?

I'm woman enough to admit that I can barely walk today.

The workout takes you through 6 HIIT exercises, each with a 20-second recovery period. You repeat the cycle twice and you're done! And one of those HIIT exercises is flippin' JUMPING JACKS. Peaches n' cream, right?

Tell that to my calf muscles.

Holy moly!

I also got super nauseated afterwards. I read that post-HIIT nausea could be caused by a low anaerobic threshold or due to blood being pulled from my GI organs in order to supply the muscles in my legs ... or because of my glycogen stores ... or because of lack of hydration ...

... or because HIIT is just awful.

But you know what? I'm probably going to do it again.