Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud

For awhile there it seemed as if I forgot that other blogs existed (including my own), but my obsessive love of Pinterest has recently pointed me in the direction of some pretty cool blogger gals. (Seriously, Pinterest, you need to start paying me for all the free publicity I give you on a weekly basis. Have your people call my people and we can set something up. I'm not sure who "my people" are. Probably Joey. Call Joey. He can take a message.)

What was I talking about?

Blogging ADHD, it's a real thing.

Sometimes reading this blog is like getting sucked down a rabbit hole of nonsense.

Anyway, Pinterest led me a blog that pointed me to another blog that eventually pointed me to Running With Spoon's weekly link-up called "Thursdays Are for Thinking Out loud".

Oh. Em. Gee! I LIVE for sharing my random thoughts with the Internet. Sometimes I remain so quiet in my daily life (though I bet Clayton would disagree), I feel like I am going to explode if I don't let my thoughts fly free. If I could write an entire book that was nothing but my thoughts on television shows on The Learning Channel and the stupid clothes I see teenage girls wearing, I'd be the next J.K. Rowling.

So let's do this!

1.) I am a lover of the Oxford comma. It never occurred to me how frequently I use them until I started editing an article I'm writing for a magazine. Halfway through, I was like, "Dude, if you love Oxford commas so much, why don't you marry them?" And I prefer calling them Oxford commas over "serial commas" because a serial comma sounds like punctuation that will kill you in your sleep.

2.) I can change the oil in my own car, I can install and wire a light fixture, and I can snake a drain, but if the string on the hood of my sweatshirt gets sucked in on one side, I'm at a loss. I will just seriously just go out and buy a new sweatshirt.

3.) While scrolling through pictures on my cell phone today, I came to the conclusion that I look prettier when I make an ugly face than when I attempt a genuine, sweet smile. What does this mean for me and my face? I wish it was socially acceptable to walk around with perpetual duck lips and one eyebrow raised.

4.) I hate the word "beef". It sickens me. It's harsh on my earholes and I don't like the way my mouth feels when I say it. It's almost as bad as "moist" and "panties" and, god forbid, "ointment". "Would you like some BEEF for dinner?" Why no, I would not. Some ground up cow, yes. Beef? No.

5.) I got irrationally happy last week when I figured out that H&M now offers online purchasing. Last time I checked, you could only use their website to locate stores, not actually buy anything. Or maybe I'm just stupid and was using the internet wrong. I dunno. All I care about is that I know H&M online shopping exists and I don't have to drive across town and fight college students over the last pair of leggings. With free shipping AND a 20% coupon, I got the worlds best, most comfortable t-shirt for all of $6. And it's gray. Duh. Like, what other color (or lack their of) would I buy?


  1. If it makes you feel any better, the same thing happens to me with the strings on a sweatshirt -- but instead of buying a new one, I'll usually just pull the string out completely. They're kind of annoying anyways. And I definitely feel less awkward when making ugly faces for the camera… But the best is when I don't know someone is taking a picture -- anytime I have to pose, I just end up looking like a complete goober.

  2. I'm a fan of the oxford comma also! (I'm also a fan of exclamation points and the ellipsis. I overuse all 3!!) I just found out (via pinterest) that H&M has a fitness clothing line. I had no idea!


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