The weekend snow storm that I thought would never actually happen

Today we had the over-hyped, overly-discussed-on-Facebook winter storm. It started snow/sleeting sometime around 4 a.m. this morning and didn't fully simmer down until just about an hour ago (it's almost 9 p.m.). Now that the snowfall is diminishing, the gusty winds are creeping in and several neighborhoods in the state are reporting power outages. Temperatures are supposed to dip into the teens by midnight and then drop into negative digits by late Monday morning.

For those of you who are not familiar with Midwest winter weather, this essentially means that everything that fell from the sky today is going to completely freeze later tonight.

So I spent the whole day in full hibernation mode and my husband didn't make an appearance until after 1 o'clock this afternoon. Unable to sleep, I got up around 10 and planted myself firmly on the couch to watch TV and didn't move for about 5 hours.

The most productive thing I did today was create a gif of the snow:

A day well spent, eh? I feel like an internet wizard now.

But it looks like we'll be cooped up in the house tomorrow, too, because our mayor shut down pretty much every office in the city tomorrow. Snow days for everyone!

This totally makes up for having to work on Saturday. 

There's not too much to report about my weekend because we honestly didn't do a whole lot. Friday night was pretty relaxed since I had to work the next day and consisted of little else besides ordering some O'Charley's curb side service (we have Christmas gift cards out of the wazoo) and catching up on Raising Hope. Plus, I already told you how today turned out (lazy).

The highlight of our weekend was meeting Dan and Emily for a late dinner on Saturday night at a quaint little spot called The Rail. The ambiance of the restaurant was incredibly intimate and aside from some beautiful wall sconces, there was very little light in the room (AKA a great place to go on a date with your significant other ... or anytime that you're having a "bad face day"). It was a shame it was so dark, too, because the food was incredible and the presentation was exquisite. We ordered a few appetizers that consisted of a cheese and fruit plate (Oh my gosh, the chutney was out of this world!), potato pancakes served under a delicate fried quail egg, and some kind of bread served with a creamy cheese spread and poached fruit (again, it was really dark in there. I couldn't see everything I eating to tell what is was exactly, but it was fabulous).

The Rail has expensive signature cocktails and each one had so many mixers and special ingredients that I had never heard of , I had no idea what I was drinking. I just ordered the first thing that the waitress mentioned because she started the drink description with something about bourbon and ended it with "... and then a splash of scotch". Sold! Clayton and Dan tried the Beast of Bourbon which was basically just ... a lot of bourbons. I will definitely be ordering that one next time!

The only thing better than the food and drinks was the company. Dan and Emily are true friends and in my adult life I've had a very hard time finding people that I can be so candid with. The four of us engage like legit human beings, nothing is sugar-coated, and it's a group that makes me feel comfortable with vulnerability. We can talk about our struggles and fears open and honestly and I'm sorry, that's a rare trait to find these days. So if you have a friend or group of friends like that already, hold them tight or lock them in your basement—do not let them go!

I opted to post tonight because I plan on taking full advantage of my snow day tomorrow (meaning, I don't plan on getting out of bed for anything). Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll actually get something done tonight and go crank out a few miles on the treadmill before I sit right back down on the small I seemed to have created on the couch today.

Good night, all!