Stir Crazy

Oh my goodness! I am SO HAPPY that I went back to work today. That sounds totally insane, right!? But it's true. After not leaving the house for a solid 2.5 days, I was desperately craving some fresh air and human contact. Don't get me wrong, I will hoard all the alone time with my husband that I can, but after roaming the same ambulatory square feet of our house together for over 48 hours, I was more than ready for a change of scenery.

By the grace of God, we were only without power for about a half an hour during this whole winter storm ordeal. Even after the temperatures dipped into negative digits and everything in this winter wonderland was frozen solid, we didn't experience any outages. In fact, I think our brief outage was due solely to a utility vehicle on our street accidentally cutting power during a repair.

All things consider, we were VERY lucky. I have a few co-workers who had to sleep on friends couches or shower at the YMCA. I was just chilly for several minutes. I wasn't even inconvenienced.

I'll admit, aside from working out to keep my blood circulating, I did next to nothing on Monday. I watched a lot of movies and a lot of TV on Netflix. Every time I have a vacation day or some time off of work, I feel totally obligated to catch up on housework or complete long-standing projects, and I will typically spend most of my time off doing things I just do not want to do. The Winter Storm of 2014 was a totally different story. I was soooooo lazy (seriously, it was almost pathetic how little I moved. I wore a small track in the carpet from the couch to the fridge and that was about it) and allowing myself to be that fully relaxed was amazing.

By Tuesday afternoon, I was bouncing off the walls. I had a ton of pent up energy that I hadn't put to good use and I needed to get up and do something before I imploded. So Clayton and I painted every single door in our house. No foolsies. Every. Single. Door. 

It should come as little shock to you that Clayton and I still have a buttload of paint leftover from when we first moved into our house, so we used the white paint we bought for the baseboards and got to work repainting all of the doors, front and back. (Though I promised myself I would never again pick up a paint brush.) The previous owners of our home were um, kind of gross, and there were several weird, unidentifiable stains on some of the doors that were immune to scrubbing and Magic Erasers, so this whole project was completely necessary.

And it turned out great. The doors look brand new! 

This is a "before" picture of the door leading into our garage and surprisingly, it was one of our "better" doors. Please note the huge black scratches at the bottom from a shoe rack that the previous owners hung.

Nothing beats a fresh coat of white paint. 

I even took the bland factory-made closet door handles off of the guest room closet and will be stopping at the craft store this week to pick up some fancy, decorative ones to take their place. Our 2nd bedroom is reserved for a future kiddo, but since the idea of having children still makes me feel vomit-y, we're going to utilize it as a Man/Woman Cave (dependent on who's using it at the time) for the foreseeable future.

And all of this reminds me that I have yet to post pictures of our house for you. You can blame my perfectionist nature on that one. 

But despite our worker bee mentality, we eventually got tired and decided to wait until tonight to put the door knobs back on the doors ... then I accidentally locked myself out of the bathroom this morning. That's okay, I don't NEED to wear deodorant.

Yes I do.

Are you still enjoying snow days? Or are you back at work, too?