Kissing this vacation goodbye!

Would you look take a look at this Sunday's weather forecast? Is that a NEGATIVE number I see? And what is up with that percent chance of precipitation? Holy moly, I will NOT be venturing outside of my house that day.

I did unfortunately have to leave my house today though. Yup, my Christmas vacation is over and I finally had to go back to work. I was starting to get pretty used to being at home during the day. In fact, having the house in pristine condition and dinner in the oven when Clayton got home from work took me back to my stay-at-home wifey days. To say I miss that time in my life is a gross understatement. 

But a working stiff for now I must be. 

At least my drive into work this a.m. was breathtakingly beautiful (I love seeing snow on the ground!):

And at least it's Friday today, right? Wrong. Well, kind of. I have to work on Saturday, so today doesn't have the typical "YAY! The weekend is here!" kind of feeling (plus, Friday is my first day back to work in 7 days, so my schedule is WAY off anyway). Our office will be open for about 4 or 5 hours to accommodate the rush of last-minute students needing to register for spring classes, and my only solace of having to work on the weekend is that I can at least wear jeans while I do it (it's the small things in life, really).

Clayton and I wrapped up my Christmas vacation last night by finally seeing Anchorman 2. My hesitation to see the film over the past weeks stems from all of the bad reviews I've been reading. I waited 10 long years for the this sequel and reading that most people find it "unfunny" was actually kind of deterimental to my well-being, so I put off seeing it for as long as possible.

As far as sequels go, it wasn't horrible. It certainly wasn't as bad as The Hangover II, but it definitely wasn't even close to being on the same level as say, The Dark Knight. I laughedhard at timesbut I didn't roar like I hoped I would.

 ... Except for round deux of the infamous battle of the news networks. So many awesome, awesome cameos. (Not to give anything away, but my two favorite comedy gals and most favorite older gentleman actor that I wish was one of my grandpas made an appearance!)

(And when Brick revealed that his middle name was Courtney. I mean, come on!)

But I must keep in mind that I didn't LOVE the original Anchorman the first time I saw it. It grew on me over time and now it's my all-time favorite movie. So maybe there's hope for the sequel yet.

And I just want to mention that I got in my first run if the New Year yesterday! I got in about 3.5 or so miles on the treadmill because the fresh blanket of snow on the ground has made the roads a bit difficult to navigate. Treadmill running is growing on me. My feelings towards the machine ebb and flow all year and when I'm forced to use it more days a week than not, you get used to it. And of course I had Bridezillas pulled up on my Kindle during my entire workout. Ever been addicted to crack? That's how I feel about that show.

I really need to clean my bathroom mirror.

I stopped keeping track of my miles towards the end of the summer in 2013, but I know I finished at over 1,000 miles for the year (training for a full marathon will do that for you). Though I know I probably won't reach the quadruple digits in 2014, I want to be better at logging my miles so when I'm an old woman sitting in a rocker on my front porch, I can bore my grand kids to tears with statistics about how many times I theoretically ran across the United States and back.

Have a great weekend!