Courtney Confessions

1.) Since the beginning of each semester is a chaotic time in the life of an academic advisor, my colleagues and I have pretty much put eating lunch on the back-burner. Our 30 minute lunch-breaks have been almost a total afterthought for weeks and this morning I was so preoccupied with what I needed to do during the day, I packed a bag of salad for lunch. A bag of salad. No fork, no bowl or portable storage container, no salad dressing. JUST A BAG OF LETTUCE. I need a nap.

2.)  Christmas was over 2 weeks ago and we still haven't taken down our Christmas tree.

3.) Not to be a broken record, but work has been CRAZY and I recently learned that I am not the only person in my department having stress dreams about it. Last night I dreamed that I was on an assembly line trying to serve students pizza as fast as I could, but students kept piling into the room and I couldn't keep up!

4.) This is how I've felt all week. Any progress I've made feels like one huge step forward, and then two even BIGGER steps back:


I hope everyone has a great weekend! If you need me on Saturday I'll be ... at work. But they're feeding us doughnuts, so it's totally cool. Plus, working on Saturdays would be a far bigger bummer if I didn't work with such amazing, amazing people. Seriously, I love my co-workers!