ANOTHER Weekly Workout!?!?!?!


This is my second "Weekly Workout" post in less than a week, but I like talking about exercise. I can't help it.

I love improving my fitness.

I love seeing my body change for the better.

I love how my body feels before, after (and yes, even DURING) a workout.

I love feeling strong.

I love feeling physically capable.

And I love gym shoes.

Last night when I left work, it started snowing. It wasn't a harsh or blizzard-y snow. Rather, it was one of those lovely, picturesque snow showers with big, fat flakes that fell silently and gently from the sky.

And then things escalated very quickly.

By the time I crammed some dinner into my face and digested long enough to workout, it was flippin' snowing sideways!

When I was about halfway to the gym, I realized I made a mistake. The roads were NOT very drivable. Everyone was driving slowly and cautiously enough to avoid sliding on the roads, but the wind! My goodness, the wind! Snow was coming into my windshield at an angle and blowing huge clouds of flakes across the road. 

If I wasn't closer to the gym than I was to home, I would have turned around (luckily everything died down by the time I finished my workout).

I was kind of banking on the fact that the snow would keep people from venturing out in the elements and that I would have the cardio and circuit machines to myself.


It was unusually busy for that time of night.

And since I figured I'd wouldn't be in the company of strangers, I went for the "relaxed" look and dressed like a rejected member of Kris Kross.

Baggy Sweatpants will make ya JUMP! JUMP!
The Daddy Mac will make ya JUMP JUMP!
Kris Kross will make ya JUMP! JUMP!

And believe it or not, this is my first (and Lord help us ONLY) gym selfie. It's blurry because I tried to snap it quickly, before anyone noticed the unabashed act of narcissism taking place at the back mirror.

And also because I refuse to be one of these people:

Although I totally admire any chick with big enough cajones to stick her butt out for a photo she's taking of herself in public with zero shame. Though I doubt she has any shame, anyway. I mean, would you if you looked like that? Holy moly, if I had her body, I'd be naked alllllllllllll the time. I'd shop for clothes at the mall, totally naked, and tell the sales clerk, "I'm just buying these to hang in my closet as extra home decor because come on, *points to abs* look at me."

Now this girl? This girl's gym selfie is much more my speed:

Mostly because she took it in her gym's handicap bathroom stall.

My workout was good: I rode the elliptical for awhile (I always use the word "ride" when it comes to the elliptical because I just find the machine to be delightfully fun). Then I rolled up my sleeves and worked on my guns ... and my thighs ... and my abs ... and my back ... and my buns (because you know the secret to a cute bum? Not sitting on it all day!). Most people focus on one muscle group during each workout, but the monotony of weight repetitions makes me feel dead inside, so I try to get it all out of the way in one fell swoop.

Then I stopped at the gas station on my way home for some Sour Patch Kids and a Diet Coke for my ailing hubs who is dealing with a sinus infection.

I always want Sour Patch Kids, always.

Have you hit the gym this week?