The weekend recap that almost wasn't

I may or may not have wrapped a strand of Christmas lights around the oscillating fan in our bedroom before I went to sleep last night.

Holiday spirit: I has it.

So, you may be wondering (though mostly likely not) if Clayton and I made it to Christmas at the Indianapolis Zoo for our fifth wedding anniversary on Friday night. The answer is no. Why? Because it snowed like a beast last Thursday and most of our town shut down the next day. I got a free snow day! I thought it would be super romantic to spend our wedding anniversary snowed in, but Clayton's place of employment would hesitate to shutdown during the Apocalypse, so he unfortunately had to go to work.

As disappointing as it was to be alone for most of our special day and to enjoy the beautiful snow flakes alone, my unexpected vacation day gave me plenty of time to watch DVR'd reruns of Will & Grace and lug our Christmas decorations out of storage. By the time Clayton got home that afternoon (his boss was kind enough to let her employees leave early), he was walking into a literal Winter Wonderland.

Our home. :) I'm not sure you guys have ever seen a picture of our house, but here it is in all of its snowy glory!

By 8 o'clock that evening, I was stir-crazy enough to venture outside and attempt the short drive downtown for dinner. The roads were a hot mess, but driving in painfully slow traffic was totally worth it because our city looks gorgeous with freshly fallen snow. We feasted at Farm (the best hamburger I've had in ages washed down with a yummy glass of Prosecco) and the walked hand-in-hand underneath the twinkling Christmas lights on the city square.

It was ridiculously romantic.

A few people reminded me (and honestly, I'm shocked that I didn't remember!) that we had a snow storm on the night Clayton and I got married. In fact, bad winter weather prevented several guests from attending, and I distinctly remember emerging from the church and walking into a shower of snowflakes. We haven't seen snow on December 6th since.

So how'd our Christmas tree turn out, you ask? Well ...

Just lovely. :)

Christmas trees make for good backgrounds.

On Saturday, Clay and I got some Christmas shopping taken care of and headed back downtown to witness our first ever Krampus Night. For those of you not in the know (and I wasn't until recently), a Krampus is like the anti-Santa Claus. Instead of rewarding children with presents for being good, the Krampus punishes naughty children who misbehave. The Krampus Night event is a parade of these evil creatures of folklore and if you're caught wearing a "Naughty" sticker, they will come growl and snarl at you. The basic idea is to be scared into being good. 

Clay and I weren't sure what to expect, but we were almost giddy with anticipation. I deeply regret not having a good camera because the creepy Krumpus are DEFINITELY something to be seen! I kind of hid myself in the crook of Clayton's arm and kept reminding him not to let go of my hand since I scare easily. I liked the Krampus. But I did not like them in my face. No. No. No.

Freezing, but happy!

I should mention that as Clayton and I were walking back to our car after the Krampus parade, we encountered a dad and his young son (I think he was maybe 5?) playing in a pile of snow. After a few snowballs were tossed back and forth, Dad clearly had enough and was ready to go home. His son, however, was not. In a hissy fit, the little boy flung himself onto the snow and refused to move. Annoyed, Dad continued to walk away, ignoring his son's pleas to come back and keep playing. The boy continued to lay in the snow and called out to his dad's retreating figure in a deathly serious tone, "Congratulations. You just lost your only son."  We laughed the entire way home.

We got a LOT of snow this weekend, but that didn't stop me from trying to get outside for a run. A treadmill runner I am not, and I feel myself going insane each time I try to run inside. It's really nice to have our own treadmill to use in a pinch, but I try to avoid it most days. Every winter I have to recondition my body because for me, running on a treadmill takes different effort than running outside. So that being said, I will run outside whenever possible 100% of the time.

Thank GOODNESS the trail was clear on Sunday. I don't mind being cold when I run, but I do mind running on ice. I was so pleased to see completely clear black pavement on Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure how the trail was cleared (snow wasn't piled on either side to indicate that a plow had come through), but I'm happy it was. The frigid temperatures kept everyone else inside, so I left my iPod in the car and enjoyed a nice, long run with just myself and my thoughts.

I look surprisingly un-sweaty after running for 50 minutes. Probably because it was about 20 degrees outside.


We capped off our lovely weekend with a new potato soup recipe that I borrowed from I'm tellin' ya, the woman behind this blog is a godsend. She has a healthier alternative to all of our favorite dishes!

Her potato soup is thick and creamy without the added calories of cream or extra cheese. Her secret? Pureed cauliflower. This recipe includes an entire head of cauliflower. It's a great way to sneak in a vegetable while still enjoying a hearty, satisfying meal (and I always welcome the opportunity to use my immersion blender)! We paired the soup with Hawaiian bread and it was soooooooo good!

I forgot to pick up bacon this week. For shame! We had to settle with topping our soup with more shredded cheese.

This is probably one of the sweetest weekends I've ever had. Clayton and I got oodles of quality husband and wife time and we even spent part of Saturday evening driving around fancy neighborhoods and checking out their light displays while we listened to a Christmas Pandora station. I'm sure that much of our weekend joy was fueled by our anniversary, but snow around the Christmas holiday is just magical. The whole weekend was festive, fun and totally merry.

I hope yours was, too!