The pre-Christmas post

Merry Christmas Eve! (Or if  you're my big sister Ashley, Happy Birthday Eve Eve Eve!)

That was confusing.

Anyway, I hope you all had an amazing pre-Christmas weekend! We went to a couple of holiday parties (both friends and family), got to laze around and watch holiday movies for most of Saturday because it poured down rain all day, and wrapped a tonnnnnnnnnnnnnn of presents. I think it's safe to say to that all systems are go for Christmas 2013!

Our tree is shedding pine needles EVERYWHERE.

Taking a picture of the tree with the lights off makes it look even sexier.

It was an odd weekend. I spent a majority of my personal time pretending to be straight-up gangster in my Victoria's Secret off-the-shoulder baggy sweatshirt and sock hat from the 2012 Monumental Half Marthon.


I made some of my favorite blueberry muffins for the annual Christmas brunch on Clayton's mother's side of the family. It's a traditional blue berry muffin recipe (my secret that's not really a secret at all? Fresh blueberries. The little artificial blue balls that come in box mixes are disgusting, and not even really food.), and I top each muffin with a cinnamon and sugar coating. There are always so many yummy goodies at this gathering, I usually slip into a food coma when I get home. I napped for almost 2 hours afterwards. It was glorious.

Then I made the mistake of going out to buy a Christmas present I totally forgot about and raged the whole time because holiday drivers are the worst kind of people.

This is the most disjointed post ever.

But that is my way.

I'm just excited for Christmas Eve. It's my favorite. I actually prefer to the actual Christmas Day because Christmas Eve holds so much excitement and anticipation! So ... I'll probably be MIA from blogging over the next day or so because I'll be busy shooting holiday joy from every pore in my body.

Merry Christmas!