Mid-Week Motivation

Heeeeey, I feel human again! Yippie! I felt noticeably better when I crawled out of bed and staggered into the shower this morning (praise the Lord!). But despite not having eaten in almost 48 hours, I was still surprisingly NOT hungry. The nausea had long-since passed, but food still didn't hold much appeal for me. But I grabbed a Diet Coke out of the fridge and an English muffin in hopes that my appetite would rejoin me at some point during the day.

Fast forward to about an hour later while I'm sitting at my desk helping a student enroll in spring classes:

Me, scrolling through a list of class times on the computer: "It looks like this Tuesday/Thursday combination would fit best into your schedule if we"

My stomach, loudly interrupting: "Bluerlkjesgkhdlfkjasdlkfjldkjlskddjflsdkjfskdljfdslfjksd!"

Student: *silence*

Me, awkwardly: "Um, excuse me."

Hey, appetite! Where you been!?

Long story short, I'm feeling much better. My stomach felt positively awful for the past 2 days and I'm really kind of embarrassed to admit that a lot of it was caused by my own stress and panic over being sick. I hate being sick, I'd rather be anything but nauseous, so when I start to feel that way, I have a major panic attack. As Clayton pointed out to me several times over the course the last few days, I make things so much harder for myself.

And I may or may have no cried about it last night.

I'm a hot mess.

Anyway, I'm happy to be back into my weekly routine. Sometimes my weekly routine bores me to tears, but you never know what you have until it's gone and you're lying on the couch in misery.

Anyone else need a slight pick-me-up today? When I'm on the mend, I could certainly use a few words of encouragement. Sometimes not feeling well puts me in an icky frame of mind (i.e.I berate myself for all of the projects and tasks I have yet to accomplish), and I gotta clean out that nonsense!

Plus, it's the holidays. For as much joy and warm, fuzzy feelings that this season brings, let's face it, Christmas still bums out a LOT of people. I'm very thankful that I have a wonderful family and group of friends to share the holidays (and every day) with, but I know that many others are not nearly as fortunate.

So how about some mid-week motivation?

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Happy hump day!
P.S. There's snow and ice in the forecast for tonight, and I can't help but be a little freakin' excited. Whenever we get a campus-wide email advising us of upcoming bad weather, I get giddy. Like, Ron Swanson at an all-you-can-eat-breakfast-buffet giddy. 

Tumultuous, scary weather puts me in a good mood. Why is that? I'm always the one praying for a terrible, entrapping blizzard or a gusty, nasty thunderstorm (that is, until I hear the tornado sirens go off. Then I suddenly go into Zack Morris mode and yell, "Time out!"). Maybe it's the threat of something dangerous?  Maybe I like a little danger? Well then, you can just call me Courtney DANGER Blogger.