I'm sick and it stinks

I vowed to make more time for blogging after Thanksgiving and wouldn't ya know it, I went home sick from work yesterday and had to call in today because my stomach and I are still having a major disagreement. Plus the weather is super dreary and illnesses always seemed amplified when the weather matches your body. Blarg.

But I should note that I had a lovely Thanksgiving. It was the first Turkey Day I've spent with my oldest sister in ages (and the very first time I enjoyed the holiday with my nephew), so the family time was extra special. Our small reunion included lots of pictures and lots and lots of giggles. (I'm pretty sure "Sittin' on the toilet" should be written somewhere on our family crest.)

And the glowing smile you see on Shannon (on the left) is partially because she finds Ashley and I delightful and mostly because she's pregnant with her second child. She's fairly certain it's a boy, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a niece.

And champagne. There was definitely champagne. 

My Chocolate Bourbon Walnut Pie was a smashing success (apparently the name "Derby Pie" is an actual brand name from the people the originated the recipe in Kentucky, so I can't really use it. Gotta be all fair and non-plagiarism-y and whatnot.). Despite being a bit touch-n-go while I tried to get the heart-shapes I made from leftover pie crust to stick to the rest of the pie, everything turned out great! And man, if you slap the right Instagram filter on a picture of pie, it looks darn near perfect. 

I mean, it was perfect. Because I'm a pie-making wizard. Heh.

On Sunday afternoon, I invited Ireli over so we could try our hand at making the Applesauce Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments I found on Pinterest a few weeks ago. It was remarkably easy and the end result was absolutely adorable! Added bonus: Our house smelled like cinnamon for the rest of the day!

Other stuff happened over the weekend, but I feel under the weather and want to go lay down and I'm pretty sure I hit all of the main points from the holidays. I finished a book this morning and have started another this afternoon because I guess being sick does have an occasional perk. I finally get to dive into the pile of books I hoarded on Black Friday at Half Price Books (everything was 50% off!).

I hope you're all happy and healthy!

Talk to you soon!


  1. So sorry you're sick! Feel better soon.That pie looks amazing and how cute are those hearts as the crust :) I made a chocolate bourbon pecan pie for Thanksgiving, but I didn't think about using walnuts. I will have to look into that!


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