Goodbye 2013!

It's Day 5 and I think I'm finally coming out on the other side of this cold. I honestly don't remember ever feeling that congested or going through so many tissues in my life. That illness was relentless and try as he might, Clayton couldn't avoid catching it from me. The poor thing is feeling just as bad as I did, only he doesn't have the luxury of staying home from work since his office is elbow's deep in an end-of-the-year project.

Today also marks Day 2 of my official vacation away from work and I honestly haven't done much other than sleep in, blow my nose, read and binge watch Bridezillas. And trust me, I'm not complaining (aside from the nose-blowing part). It's been great getting in some quality "Courtney Time" and being totally lazy. Yesterday I slept until 10:30 a.m., ate a bowl of cereal and then went to the YMCA for a nice, long workout since I can finally more or less breathe through both nostrils. If I could live all of my days like this, I'd be happy.

I also attempted a bedroom decor project I'd been considering for a few weeks and was able to complete it last night after the scrapbook paper I ordered finally came in.

Clayton's and my master bedroom is very neutral with tan and white bedding and walls that we painted an olive-y brown shade. I wanted to add some subtle pops of color and decided to frame a few rustic-looking pages of scrapbook paper. I really like wall art, but it's hard to find affordable pieces that aren't pictures of kittens and baskets of flowers, so I took matters into my own hands and went with scrapbooking paper in order to use patterns and designs that would fit our look, but could be easily changed if we were to ever redecorate.

I found a 4-pack of art frames at Michael's and with a 50% off coupon, the entire project cost less than $15.

Pretty! I can't believe we waited so long to put frames up in our bedroom. It created an instant feeling of coziness and home. :)

Well, today is the last day of 2013, but instead of feeling reflective and introspective, I'm already looking ahead to 2014. 2013 wasn't a bad year by any means, but the last few months have definitely left something to be desired and I am ready to move on. 

Of course my 2013 Highlight Reel would be totally incomplete without mentioning the biggest things that happened to me in the past 365 days ...

In June Clayton and I announced that we had just purchased our very first house

In September I added to my ever-changing career by starting my new role as the Assistant Director of Academic Advising

And of course, who could forget this past November when I ran my VERY FIRST FULL MARATHON!?

2013 was definitely filled with big first steps and many positive changes. I really hope I can keep the momentum going in 2014 and continue to make strides towards becoming the person I want to be and keep carving out a life that is satisfying, fulfilling and glorifying to God. Last year my New Year's resolution was to run my first full marathon (um, CHECK!), but I still haven't quite figured out what resolution I want to declare for the upcoming year. I think I need to meditate on that a bit longer.
But you'll have to excuse me for not hashing out my goals for next year because I gotta dip out early today. This afternoon I'll be making final preparations for our New Year's Eve party (i.e. mostly cleaning) and those cupcakes aren't going to frost themselves. (And I'm trying a new, festive cocktail recipe. Wish me luck! A measuring and mixing girl, I am not.)

I hope everyone has a SAFE and fun evening saying goodbye to 2013!

Bring it on, 2014!

Til' next year ...