Winter scrapes

Today I woke up to this in my backyard:

Seeing snow on the ground this morning was odd for 2 reasons: 1.) It certainly doesn't feel like it should be mid-November already and the appearance of snow seems completely absurd and premature and 2.) This is the first morning in the past few weeks that I didn't wake up freezing. It doesn't make sense that the one morning I feel snugly and warm, there's white stuff on the ground.

Are you guys ready for the onset of winter? I'm not. I had to retrieve my winter coat from the bowels of our hallway closet and honestly, it kind of smells like stale moth balls. I actually forgot what this coat looked like, it's been so long.

But the early arrival of winter weather has made one thing abundantly clear: Having a garage is by far my very favorite luxury of being a homeowner. This is the first time since I've been a licensed motor operator that I have ever had a garage to park my car in, and it's the very first day in history that I haven't had to scrape my car's windshield after a snow or freeze. 

To better put that into perspective, I've been driving for 12 years. That's 12 winters of leaving the house extra early to risk frost bite by scraping my car's windshield before work or school. In those 12 winters, I've probably only owned a pair of gloves for only 9 or so of them and had an actual windshield scraper for like, 2. I am not a stranger to using plastic cd cases in a pinch. 

When I shared my revelation with Clayton this morning, he gently reminded me: "You do realize that you haven't actually had to scrape off your own car in the past 5 years. And doesn't it seem like a coincidence that you've been married for 5 years? I mean, I've certainly had to scrape off more than one vehicle every morning for the past 5 winters."

Okay, okay. Point taken. Geeze.