Weekend recap

I have a habit of checking the weather forecast on my phone before getting out of bed every morning (and I don't like getting out of bed for less than 75 degrees, which makes winter really unpleasant), and at 7:00 a.m. the temperature was only 22°. Yuck.

Clay gets up a little earlier than me and I guess he also noticed it was below freezing outside because by the time I was in the shower, he had hot air pumping through the entire house. Now don't get me wrong, I love being warm and have made it a point to thank God for giving us a cozy, safe roof over our heads on multiple occasions, but I can't stand hot air in my face. It dries my skin, it puts static in my hair, I feel like I can't breathe, and it makes me cranky. 

Tis' the season.

I have a rule about winter weather: If it's going to be below freezing, at least put a blanket of snow on the ground. If it's going to be this cold and not snow, what's the point?

Speaking of snow, the intricacy of individual snowflakes never ceases to amaze me. They are every bit as unique and beautiful as human beings, a concept I oftentimes neglect to appreciate while I'm begrudgingly dusting gobs of snow off of my windshield. (A snowflake on its own is an amazing product of nature, but a pile of snow is just a hassle.)

You can see more of these amazing pictures of snowflakes from Russian photographer Alexey Kljatovon's Flickr page here.

We did experience a few snow flurries on Saturday afternoon which was beautiful and lovely and entirely breathtaking as my husband, brother and sister-in-law, and I emerged from the doors of Oliver Winery with the warm glow of wine in our bellies. It was so picturesque, I wanted to go home and put up our Christmas tree and surround myself with holiday decor immediately.

By the way, wine tasting is one of my very favorite hobbies. The only hobby I could possibly love more would be whiskey tasting and that's a Kentucky road trip we're planning on taking with Dan and Emily sometime next year.

I haven't been wine tasting at Oliver Winery in many moons, so I was excited to see a few new selections in their line-up. As I've mentioned before, a sweet, fruity wine girl I am not. Give me a velvety dry white or an oak-y red wine any day of the week and I am guaranteed to get sleepy, happy and extremely friendly.

Well, I have a new favorite white wine. Newly released, the Creekbend Valvin Muscat (which I kept referring to as "Muskrat Wine") is the perfect wine to serve with spicy dishes or cheese (or spicy cheese if you are particularly bold and daring). I'm clearly not an expert in describing the taste or aromas of wine; I just know what I like. And I like this wine. If you're well-versed in the science behind wine flavors, check out this wine's page at OliverWinery.com. (Heh. The description says it has a "refreshing mouthfeel". Giggity.)

The only sweet wine I can stomach for more than a half a glass is Oliver's Creekbend Sparkling Catawba. It's no secret that I'm a fan of the bubbly (Molly and I spent several minutes discussing the merits of a good champagne and I fancy myself somewhat of a connoisseur), and I highly endorse this sparkling wine. Not only is it pale pink and pretty, it's delicious and light. If you're from this area, I don't even have to tell you about ityou know. Only 300 cases have been produced this year, so it's as rare as it is tasty.

This weekend Clay and I watched a lot of movies and when I say "a lot of movies", I mean 3. From Friday evening until just last night, we watched The Internship with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn (meh.), Pacific Rim (freakin' awesome if you don't spend too much time thinking about how scientifically inaccurate it is) and The Way, Way Back with Steve Carell and Toni Collette (so unbelievably sweet and heart-breaking. I will most likely buy this movie because I loved it so much).

And as I mentioned to Clayton an uncomfortable number of times during the film, salt-n-pepper-haired Steve Carell totally does it for me.


On Sunday afternoon I ran 6 miles, the furthest distance I've run since the marathon (which already seems like a million lifetimes ago). Sunday was FRIGID and despite the feeling of frost bite in my fingers, I am a huge fan of running outside in cold weather. It totally induces coughing fits for the rest of the day, but it's totally worth it. 

Since I'm still trying to take it somewhat easy, I left my Garmin at home and went to the trail to measure my distance soley by the mile markers along the path. But I felt really strong and really fast, so I used the stopwatch on my iPod to time my last mile and gauge the speed at which I was cruising. For mile 6, I came in at 8:05 min/mile. Based on my calculations and how many songs I went through on my playlist during my workout, I think I averaged an 8:10-8:15 min/mile pace during my whole workout. Um, heck yes! I'll take it!

So that's my weekend in a nutshell. I'm spending the next few days preparing my stomach for the mass quantities of food I'm going to place in it during all of our planned Thanksgiving meals (practice makes perfect), and tonight I am going to the grocery store to get all the fixins' to make my increasingly popular Derby Pie. Tomorrow evening we're scheduled to go rock climbing with Dan and Emily and before you know it, our long weekend will be here!

Happy Monday!


  1. 1. david and i watched a documentary on netflix this weekend called "Somm". if you like documentaries, you'll probably like this. it's about a group of people who try to pass the Master Sommelier exam. i didn't even know that existed until this documentary. super super interesting!! especially for wine lovers.
    2. i said that same thing to david about Steve Carell in A way way back. Where did that come from?! Salt n pepper with a beard - mmmmhhhhhmmmm! work it steve!


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