Weekend recap

I discovered something life-changing this weekend. I mean, I always knew that it existed, and I may have even purchased some and let it spoil in my fridge once or twice, but on Saturday afternoon my eyes were re-awakened to the blessing that is flavored holiday coffee creamer.

I fell in love so hard, I even went out and bought a coffee pot (we haven't had a coffee pot in over a year because Clayton hates coffee and I never brewed coffee so much as I brewed coffee and let it mold in the pot).

On Saturday morning, I woke up bright and early to attend my pre-scheduled hair appointment. After applying color to my roots, my stylist set me up in a massage chair with a few gossip magazines so I could relax while the color processed (have I mentioned that I adore my stylist?). She also offered me a beverage and since 10:00 a.m. felt a bit early for my usual Diet Coke, I graciously accepted a warm mug of coffee with white chocolate raspberry creamer.

Now, I don't typically like flavored coffee in any capacity, but when you dump a generous amount of velvety creamer in my cup? Yes. Thank you.

I was so enamored by luxurious taste the creamer added to plain, mild-mannered coffee, I went out and bought my own bottle the next day. Our grocery store was sold out of the white chocolate raspberry and pumpkin spice isn't really my thing, so I settled on the next best option:

Dark Chocolate Fudge coffee creamer: get you some.

I always look forward to my time at the hair salon, especially when I'm fortunate enough to land a Saturday morning appointment. I hate the term "me time" (which is now in the dictionary, by the way), but that's exactly what getting my hair done is. It's the rare moment when I get to indulge in silly rag mags and feel pampered. This weekend I was even brave enough to try bangs. They're very long and can easily be swept to the side, but it was a fun change without doing anything drastic. 

Overall, Clayton and I took it pretty easy this weekend and after running a marathon the weekend prior, I was more than okay with doing very little. Aside from having dinner and a game night with Mitch and Molly on Saturday, Clayton and I mostly puttered around the house doing chores and watching a mini marathon of Parks and Rec on Netflix.

In addition to some light cross-training, I gave running another try on Saturday and ran 5 miles around our neighborhood. Though I feel totally rested and up to code when I'm not moving around, my body is still not a huge fan of running. This run was difficult (and running into strong wind did not help) and my body still has a bit of recovering to do. I'm ready to get back to my normal routine, but I have to continue to be patient. (Plus, I ran my first three miles like, wicked fast. I barely felt like I was moving, but according to my Garmin, I was flying. So weird.)

Another highlight of the weekend: Joe-bizzles turned 9 on Saturday! (Don't even ask me how big of an anxiety attack him only being a year away from 10 caused me.) We celebrated his special day by putting him in a cape and letting him run around the house as Super Dog.

I so desperately wish I could hit "pause" and prevent time from moving so fast. The fact that I've had Joey since I was a sophomore in college baffles me. In my mind, he's still a year old and I'm still 19. It doesn't seem plausible that I'm a few years shy of 30 and him, 10. 

The only solace I find in his advancing age is that no one would ever guess he's 9 years-old. Sure, he has some white hairs on his face and his old man gas can clear a room, but he still acts like a puppy. Three times in this past week alone, Joey has gone off on one of his tangents where he sprints around the house in circles and flings himself on the couch, piles of laundry, and blankets. That dog has so much spunk and energy, it's quite frankly exhausting at times! (And adorable.)

I know that dogs don't have the capacity to think and feel like humans, but no matter what, I hope that little furball knows that no one on this planet could possibly love him more than I do. :)

This week I'm looking forward to taking steps towards becoming more organized. I finally got around to slapping the coveted "26.2" miles decal on my car, and now I want to clean it out so I can cruise around proudly and comfortably. Also, our closet looks like a Sharknado went through it and I need to do a better job of organizing my winter clothes. Other items on my to-do list include retiring our paint supplies once and for all (we had a small faux pas this weekend that I'm still too irritated to discuss) and hanging frames in our bedroom.

Doesn't life just feel more peaceful when everything has a place and is neat and tidy? I feel like I can relax more and mornings are far less rushed when I can easily spot an outfit in my closet and grab it.

What goals do you have for the week?