I don't like

I don't like that my body is still totally wrecked from the marathon.

I don't like that I haven't had one single "good run" since the Monumental Marathon. Even my super slow, pitiful runs have been awful.

I don't like my total lack of patience to recover fully and properly.

I don't like that I can't eat anything I want anymore because I'm no longer running almost 40 miles a week. I was getting really used to polishing off entire bags of cookies in one setting.

I don't like that cold air feels really awesome during my run, but leaves me with a throbbing headache and an insatiable cough for hours later.

I don't like how running outside in the wind makes my skin both overly dry and broken out at the same time.

I don't like that I have to do extra loads of laundry because I sweat like a pig and go through about 50 t-shirts a week (more if I have to double-up on layers for a run on a cold day).

I don't like that I have permanent blister scars from being on my feet for almost 4.5 hours on marathon day.

I don't like that a bad run has the capability of ruining a perfectly good mood.

I don't like that there is no such thing as a good-fitting sports bra that doesn't chafe my skin. 

I don't like that a long training run in the morning means I can't stay out super late the night before.

I don't like that all of my race t-shirts are made with a horrible moisture-wicking material that makes me smell like I have B.O. and itches.

But you know what? I love running.

And that makes everything I don't like totally worth it.