Getting into the holiday spirit

I got bit by the holiday bug BIG TIME this year. And super early, I might add. I'm usually a total curmudgeon and scorn anything that's green and red and jolly before December, and it's not rare for me to lament out loud to no one in particular: "We're not even through Thanksgiving! One holiday at a time, please!" But truthfully, I'm already completely over pumpkins, leaves and hayrides. I've never been a huge fan of Thanksgiving anyway, so move over, Tom TurkeyI'm ready for Santa!

Last week, my boss sent my department an itinerary of fun office Christmas activities and I credit her email as the initial spark that set my holiday yule log ablaze. (I was trying to be clever with a Christmas metaphor, but I think I took a swing and a miss on that one.) We kicked off the seasonal festivities with a door decorating contest and a few people in my office took the challenge quite seriously.

Myself included.

A lot of folks kept asking me what my theme is. "What's your door's theme, Courtney? What is the theme?!" It's um ... Christmas.

My boss' door is decorated from head to toe in large, glossy pictures of kittens wearing Santa hats and another co-worker was able to transform her ordinary office door into a cozy fireplace with everyone's name on a stocking hanging above the mantle. I envy their creativeness. My objective for door decorating? Cover my door in crap.

I made a quick run to the Dollar Store on my lunch break to grab a few more goodies for my door and holy geeze, when did the Dollar Store get so awesome? I usually only go there when I need a $1 bag of cookies, but they have so many little holiday knickknacks that are just the right size (and price) for decorating on a budget. Not only did I get all you see on my door for $3, I also got 4 Santa wine glasses (not for work. I should probably specify that) and this adorable Letters to Santa Mailbox:

I also made a pit-stop at Michael's because a co-worker asked me to stop in and grab him a few more rolls of their gold wrapping paper for his cubicle. Michael's is somewhat of a death trap for me, so I made myself a promise that I would only look in the wrapping paper asile, and then leave. Well, the Nutcrackers are on the way to the wrapping paper aisle and you know how that goes ...

Nutcrackers generally creep me out, but this one is a little baker! Look at his baby rolling pin! Too perfect to pass up. Too perfect. 

Clayton and I plan on getting our Christmas tree in the next two weeks (we usually get it the weekend of Thanksgiving, but last year our tree was practically dead by Christmas Eve and there are only so many times you can let your dog eat fallen pine needles, so we're going to try and wait a little longer.). I'm just dying to see our new house all jazzed up for Christmas. I was really hoping to have a Nativity Scene to place in the buffet we inherited from Clayton's grandmother, but I'm really picky about the set I want (i.e. I have expensive taste). My mom has a gorgeous white marble Nativity Scene and I would love something simple, modern and abstract like hers, only wooden.

Something like this:

Or this (Isn't it gorgeous!? It's my favorite!):

There was a woodsmith (carver? carpenter?) at the county fair a few years back and he had the most incredible wooden Nativity sets that I've ever seen. They were smooth, sturdy and had that simple elegance I've been looking for. 

And of course I lost his business card. Anyone in my area know of any wood artists? (Seriously, what would you call those people? Wood carvers, right?)

Wood carvers. 

Have a great evening!