Fav Pinterest Finds

I spend an ungodly amount of time on Pinterest. Whenever there's a lull in nightly activity or nothing good is on TV, I'll reach for my laptop or the nearest smart phone and start pinning my brains out.

If you haven't caught on by now, Pinterest is revolutionary. Pinterest inspires me try new recipes, redecorate my house, explore new fashion trends, makes me think I'm prettier than I actually am, and deceives me into believing that I can be crafty even when I am absolutely NOT crafty. It's like Keeping Up With the Jones only this case, the Jonses isn't just a neighbor or co-worker, it's everyone on the internet.

Some pins are just too good not to share and here are a few my favorite pins from the past week:

If there's one trend that Clayton wants shot, killed and buried in an abandoned field somewhere, it's the sock bun (and furry boots). Unfortunately for him, I love both.

I love tacos! Especially when minimal effort is required.

This sign. Everything about it.

This dress is stunning, and I have absolutely no place to wear it. Perhaps if the Mad Hatter invites me to a tea party? Or a summer garden wedding? Is anyone getting married in the summer at Martha's Vineyard and wants to invite a quirky blogger and her bearded husband? I buy good gifts!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't already thinking about Christmas. Thanksgiving doesn't do much for me other than give me indigestion, so I'm already dreaming of a Winter Wonderland. And call me crazy, but even I couldn't screw up this DIY ornament project.

What awesome pins have you recently discovered? Are you even on Pinterest? If not, you're really missing out on some friendly competition and intense feelings of inadequacy!

To join Pinterest, simply log on to www.Pinterest.com  and follow the sign-up directions. Not sure how to navigate the site? There are several tutorials (including how to build your profile and follow other pinners) here.

And be sure to follow me! (I pin a lot of pictures of puppies!)