Weekend recap (and SO MANY photos!)

Friends and co-workers keep asking me how I feel about the marathon on Saturday and though I've been plastering a huge smile on my face and exclaiming, "I can't wait!", what I really want to say is, "EVERYTHING WAS HUNKY-DORY UNTIL YOU JUST REMINDED ME ABOUT IT."

I'm doing just fine keeping myself busy and going about my day-to-day business, but the second I think about running my first marathon in 5 days, I start to feel vomit-y because holy crap! I'm running a marathon in 5 days! A marathon. You know, that thing that I've been training for for the past 3.5 months. That thing that has eaten up all of my free time, zapped all of my energy, and turned both of my feet into a blistered, bruised mess.

Oh yeah, that thing. How could I forget?!

Truth is, every time the marathon crosses my mind, my tummy gets that weird first-hill-of-a-roller-coaster sensation, like I can't decide if I'm nervous or just really excited. Everything in my body is all like, "Yeah! Let's do this!", but my mind is a jumble of worries. The week before any big race is the time when my obsessiveness comes out to play and I start fretting about nonsensical, out-of-my-control things like the weather, my health, my car breaking down on the way to Indy, ect.. We're now at the point in the marathon countdown where I shouldn't be allowed to be alone because my mind wanders to the "what if?" place, and anyone who's known me longer than a minute knows that's not a fun place for me to be.

I just need to get myself to that start line, and then I'll be able to breathe easier.

How was your weekend? Our was good! It was very Halloween-y and festive!

On Friday night, we partook in pumpkin carving over at Dan and Emily's house before watching The Purge (not a traditionally scary movie per say, but definitely a creepy idea!). Their good buddy Jason was there, too, and between his frightening pumpkin teeth and Emily's crazy-eyed creation, I realized that I'm very much lacking in the pumpkin carving department. I tried to carve what I hoped would be a scary vampire pumpkin, but it just looked like a dorky jack o'lantern with buck teeth. I will not be quitting my day job anytime soon.

I love how Dan looks like he has horns.
Jason's awesome pumpkin!
Clayton's creepy design!
Emily's adorable design.
Emily's pumpkin looks worried about Jason's.
Clayton's and mine pumpkins are sharing a glass of wine.
Great job, guys! :)

I won a pair of tickets from the Chancellor for the IU vs. Southern Indiana basketball game on Saturday evening. Sure, it was just an exhibition game, but regular season game tickets are expensive and hard to come by, so free tickets to check out this year's team? We'll take em'! 

I haven't been to Assembly Hall in ages and I almost forgot how infectious the atmosphere is in that place. Pre-season game or not, you always cheer loud and hard for your Hoosiers. 

The Chancellor does not have bad seats.
I never cease to be impressed by how good-looking my hubby is. <3
The same goes for him. Obviously.

Immediately following the basketball game, Clay and I went back to Dan and Emily's for their annual Halloween party. I can rarely justify spending $20+ on a pre-made costume, so this year Clay and I were crafty and made our own. I saw the idea for The Price is Right contestants on Pinterest and it rwasn't a hard sell to Clayton. We wanted something fun, cheap and easy (just like me. Heh.).

Since we were kind of in a rush on Saturday afternoon (i.e. I take too long to do my hair), Clayton did most of the work on the score boards for our costumes. I made the name tags. Didn't they turn out awesome?

Remember that jerk on The Price is Right who would wait for everyone else to place their bid and then he'd take the highest of those bids and go over it by just a $1 ... and would then usually win? Yeah, Clayton was that jerk.

The Halloween party was lots of fun (as usual), but we retired somewhat early because I wanted to be fresh as a daisy on Sunday for my last long run of the training program. I only had to run 8 miles this time around, but when you're super eager for this whole thing to be finished and for you to have that sweet, sweet finisher's medal around your neck, 8 miles can feel like forever. Tapering has been really hard for me. I usually LOVE tapering during half marathon training because I can finally pump the brakes a bit, but getting myself out there for these shorter final runs has felt like a total chore. As ecstatic as I am about getting ready for my first marathon, I'm reallllllllllllllly looking forward to being done with training. 3.5 months of going at it hardcore is taxing. I miss running just to run. For reals.

I've promised myself that after the marathon (and after I've recovered), I'm going to go for a nice Saturday run without my Garmin and without any watch, just to run. I won't run by mile markers, I won't try to guess how long I've been at it, I'm just going to run and enjoy myself at my pace.

To keep my mind off of the impending nervous breakdown I'm going to have about Saturday (Oh my gosh, what if we have a tornado!? Don't give me that look. This is Indiana. A tornado in November is not totally outside the realm of possibility), I'm keeping myself distracted with fun things like passing out Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters. This will be our first Halloween as homeowners and our neighborhood is crawling with little kids. I really hope I get home from teaching early enough to contribute to the obesity epidemic by tossing free candy bars into the hands of America's youth.


  1. I'm only doing 13.1, but I SO feel you on just wanting to be finished training! For the past three weeks, my response to "how's training going" has been "um...almost finished."

    You're going to be GREAT!

    1. "I'm ONLY doing 13.1"? Are you kidding? The half marathon is nothing to scoff at! :)

      Has it been easier training the second time around? Training for my first half marathon was vastly different from all the other times. I was SO hardcore the first time around and wouldn't budge or waiver on my schedule. Luckily I was more lax with the ones after that!

      You will do great on Saturday, too! :)

    2. Easier in the sense that I haven't been putting NEARLY as much time or effort into training. I'm feeling less prepared this time, but I feel like I got burnt out earlier in the process, so I'm really just ready for it to be over with!

  2. I love your cosutmes!!! So creative. :) Has Clayton lost weight?
    Good luck with your final prep for the marathon!

    1. He has! He doesn't weigh himself or count calories, so we're not entirely sure how many pounds he's actually lost, but he's definitely looking noticeably thinner. It all kind of jump-started when we moved because he was doing SO MUCH yard work and hauling boxes. Then he's made a conscious effort to just eat smaller portions. It's always so easy for a man. :)


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