Transitioning into winter

Man, I just do not feel right. Yesterday I had a weird sensation in my chest that kept giving me the urge to cough and the feeling like I couldn't catch my breath. Then I laid awake in bed for HOURS last night because my nose was too congested to breathe properly, and today I'm like a leaky faucet and I have the chills.

Of all the times to get sick. :(

I have an 18-mile training run tomorrow and I'm a Nervous Nelly about feeling too ill to complete it. We're really getting down to the wire with marathon training and I'm going to be in trouble if I never break into 20 miles.

I've been so physically exhausted these days, I just know that my immune system is total garbage. I've been stretching myself too thin and not getting enough sleep and now look, I might be getting sick.

I bought a big box of Emergen-C earlier this week and have been mixing a packet in a giant glass of ice water every morning, so hopefully I can nip this thing in the bud before it gets worse.


Plus, the weather is changing and evenings are becoming cooler and I'm the idiot who can't get her schedule organized and always ends up running outside after dark. Then I get hot from running, start sweating, then I stop running and get cold from the sweat.

Since winter is drawing near and I'll be totally over running for awhile once the marathon is finished, Clayton and I decided to renew our old gym memberships at the YMCA. I kind of love the winter months because I decrease my running to only about 3 days a week and that frees up all kinds of extra time for fun cross-training activities. We went to the Y on Monday and I got a little bit TOO excited about getting on an elliptical machine again. Our old apartment complex had ellipticals in the clubhouse gym and I've missed them so (though I don't miss fighting all of my neighbors for the good one by the TV). I could pedal on one of those puppies for HOURS.

Then I did some of weight machines because I've been terrible about lifting weights this summer and my arms are a little um, jiggly. When you wave at your fellow co-worker in the hallway, your triceps should stop moving when the rest of your arm does. Mine do not.

And of course, I made the mistake of using this little gem:

Me and my thunder thighs have always enjoyed this machine. I've also always liked that our YMCA has this particularly risque apparatus facing the wall so as not to draw unwanted attention to its user. However, when I decided to hop on, the girl using the machine next to me took take a rest break and stood with her back against the wall ... exactly 2 inches from where I was flapping my thighs open and closed. We made eye contact and I can promise you, she will never make that mistake again.

As you all know, October is my faaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite month of the year for the obvious reasons of 1.) It's my berfday month 2.) HALLOWEEN! 3.) Fall decor and 4.) FALL CLOTHING!

I've already busted out a few of my sweaters as the mornings are chilly and my office temperature is set on "Fortress of Solitude". I can't wait for the day when I can wear my wool skirt with black tights. It's probably one of the pricier pieces of clothing I've ever purchased for myself, but it's gotten a lot of wear since I bought it last January and it was totes worth it!

When I bought this skirt and was so excited, I tweeted a picture of it.

I hope you all have a great weekend! We have a few fun things planned and, Lord willing, I will be feeling well enough to enjoy them!