Salmon pâté is not ok with me

Have you ever eaten blended fish?

Well, I sure have and now I can officially check "consume liquid fish" off my bucket list! (My bucket list is quite sad. It's chock-full of unimpressive, odd goals like "drink an aquatic species" and "sleep for an entire 24-hours without interruption or bathroom breaks".)

To say the fish was liquid is kind of a stretch, but not being able to chew my dinner was weird enough that I think it totally qualifies.

Last night, Clayton and I had a mini date night at the local culinary school (similar to the classes I took here and here) and sat in on a salmon pâté cooking demonstration. Chef O'Neill paired the pâté with a blackberry hollandaise and served the dish with a side of hearty smashed potatoes and a wet salad tossed with vegetables in a delicious homemade vinaigrette. 

Though I have an aversion to my food touching, the presentation was wonderful!

I consider myself to be a fairly adventurous eater (What's up, Scottish eggs?), but I just couldn't wrap my brain (or taste buds) around salmon pâté. If that makes me an unsophisticated caveman, so be it. I don't care how much delectable blackberry hollandaise you drizzle on top, fluffy fish just isn't my bag, baby. I'm extremely texture-oriented when it comes to food (Hence why I cannot eat oranges. The pulp feels all kinds of wrong in my mouth.), and I couldn't get myself to eat more than a few bites. I love salmon and the dish was exquisite in taste, but my phobia of weird textures wins every time. Fish shouldn't resembled scrambled eggs, period.

But you know what I didn't have a hard time with? The bubbly wine. We dined with bottles of Naire Frizzante Verdejo, a carbonated white wine with a semi-sweet tartness. I can't do sweet wines, but this one resembled a Proseco with its brut champagne-like taste ... and we all know how I feel about champagne. (I requested a bottle of champs for my birthday and Clay was like, "So you want champagne AND a cake?" I looked at him like that was the stupidest question I've ever been asked. I'm pretty sure if you took a cross-section of my body, it would be full of champagne bubbles and vanilla frosting.)

After the pâté, we completed our meal with large slices of peach and pear tart with light whipped cream (I tagged in and finished Clayton's piece when he became too full), and I fell asleep that night dreaming of almond filling. This is the second time we've had a peach tart at the cooking school and it's the second time I've told myself I have to try making it myself.

One great takeaway from this cooking class (and there were many): The white stuff that bubbles to the surface when you cook salmon is connective tissue. It's usually an indication that you've cooked it too long.

Have you tried any new dishes or recipes lately?