I'm Super Girl and I'm Here to Save the World

Does anyone remember that song from the early 2000s, "Super Girl" by Krystal Harris?

If not, YouTube that. You're welcome.

Happy Halloween from Super Girl!

My super power is that my left arm is disproportionately longer than the rest of my body.

Someone saw me in the hallway this morning and was shouted, "Hey, Super Woman!", and I had to correct them. "Super Woman is my mother. I'm Super GIRL," I replied indignantly.

I think I actually have more fun on Halloween as an adult than I did as a kid. Don't get me wrong, dressing up like a Smurf and banging on my neighbor's door for free chocolate was awesome, but there's something so delightfully taboo about wearing a costume whilst trying to function normally at your place of work. Plus, I can buy my own dang candy all year round because unlike 6 year-old me, I earn a paycheck ... and no longer live with a mother who can tell me that Reese's cups are NOT an acceptable dinner.

I'm so happy to work in such an incredible office environment. I've sang the praises of my current place of employment on multiple occasions, but my entire department dressing up as super heroes and having fun with each other all day only solidifies this place as the best job I've ever had.

I just want to toss this out there: We won Best Group Costume, and that's an honor we're taking VERY seriously. We're even considering getting a glass trophy case for it and everything. ;)

Please note Ben's amazing duck face.

Oh, and I should also mention that this happened, too:

Nailed it.

And because my mom is totally awesome, she was just sent me a copy of our Smurfs Halloween costumes from back in the day:

In case you needed photographic evidence that we were adorable children.

I hope there aren't any Smurfs offended by this picture of us in blueface. We meant no disrespect. In fact, we were really into you guys, and I once had aspirations of growing up to be Papa Smurf. 

Happy Halloween!


  1. Baha! The superman holding superwoman and smurfs pics cracked me up! Awesome! Hope you got TONNES of candy!


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