How I'm going to make a million dollars

While going through our collection of "shoot em' up"/sports video games last night, I tried to describe to Clayton the type of video game I'd enjoy playing. I told him I want someone to invent a game where you get to design your own avatar and then take that avatar to the mall with a random list of things they need to buy (i.e. a formal dress for a charity fundraiser, a birthday present for Grandma, heels that match both jeans and work pants,ect.).

"So ... shopping. You want to play shopping," he replied.

"NO," I said, defensively. "It would be WAY more complicated than that! You'd have to work around time restraints based on your schedule and when the mall closes. Plus, there'd be obstacles in your way, like stores that are located on opposite sides of the mall, pushy sales people at the kiosks, and the distraction of free samples from the pretzel lady. PLUS, you'd have to learn how to think on your feet if you find something you like, but the store doesn't carry your size."

Clayton rolled his eyes so hard, I thought he went blind. "That's a typical Wednesday night for you. You're just shopping," he concluded in that chiding tone that makes me feel like I'm being ridiculous.

"I don't think you're understanding my vision," I said indignantly. "This game would take real problem-solving skills. You'd be given a strict budget that would force you to utilize your money so that you can avoid debt while still managing to splurge on awesome stuff!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, now I get it!" Clayton exclaimed. "It's shopping with your husband's credit card."


See? We're on the same page, he and I.  

"And in the final level," I add, "you have to race your husband home so you can intercept the mail so he doesn't see the credit card bill. But again, there will be obstacles in your way, like bad traffic, stray dogs and an elderly neighbor who wants to talk your ear off about her grandkids."

If you wanna get in on this and are interested in investing in the development of this potentially life-changing video game, shoot me an email!