Friday Five

^^I need to get a Friday 5 button, like STAT. I don't have access to Adobe Illustrator anymore, so do any graphic designers out there wanna help a sister out? 

Anywho, here's 5 things from my week:

1.) Thursday night's class was actually not that bad, and when you consider how much anxiety I had last week, not that bad is perfectly acceptable. This was the first evening that I had to teach the material lecture-style and many of my students were talkative and engaging (and boy do they have some inspiring, heart-breaking stories to share!). I know nothing about teaching, but I'm pretty sure that active participation is what every teacher wants!

2.) I finally got around to decorating my office (after ya know, being in it for 2 months. But none of this is surprising because I've lived in my house for almost 3 months and it's still not fully decorated.). Florescent lighting and I do not get along, so I brought an old floor lamp from home and recently purchased a small, pink desk lamp for some extra sexy advising ambiance. 

3.) We had snow flurries on Thursday (!!!!) and the weather has gotten so cold, so fast, I'm completely unequipped to handle it. I wore a scarf and coat in my office yesterday with a small space heater running underneath my desk. And when I went running on Wednesday night, I wore two pairs of socks and three shirts. With how badly I'm overreacting, you'd never guess I've lived through 28 Indiana winters.

Who doesn't love a work selfie!?
4.) I've been monster sleepy this week (Clayton and I like to use the term "monster" instead of "very" because it sounds way more extreme), so I've been hitting the snooze button almost every morning and ended up rocking the messy bun most days. Since we had a big luncheon with the Chancellor today, I actually woke up early enough to curl my hair and it's kind of frizzy and ridiculous, but I love it.

5.) Clayton and I ironed out the details for our costumes for Dan and Emily's Halloween party this weekend and while I don't want to spoil the surprise until we actually finish making them, I can say this: We're both dressing as a classic television show.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!