Friday Five

I typed "" in my internet address bar instead of "". I was delighted because 1.) the word booger is hilarious, especially when its used as a term of endearment from my husband and 2.) is apparently (and surprisingly) still available for purchase for the cool price of only $10,000!.

So Happy Friday, all! Happy friggin' Friday!

The Friday Five is quickly becoming one of my favorite posts and if I could remember what website I used to create the post series buttons on the right-hand toolbar of my blog, I'd totally make one for this topic.

I think I need a snazzy little Friday Five logo to put at the top of these posts, too. But alas! I don't have Photoshop on my computer (yet again!) and can't flex my pitiful graphic design muscle.

But I do have MS Paint!

Well, that's just achingly beautiful. I should really put a watermark on it so no one steals my creative property.

That's perfect. 

Anyway ... here we go!

1.) Last night I attended a hot yoga class with my girl Brittany because we're both totes in tune with our chis and whatnot. This is my third hot yoga class and definitely my LEAST favorite hot yoga class. We knew we were in for it when the instructor came into the room (that was almost pitch dark and smelled unnervingly like stewed farts before we even started) and asked, "Has anyone taken less than 5 Vinyasa sessions?" Uh oh. There was a pre-requesite for all the bending we were about to do. Not wanting to look like lame newbies, we kept our mouths shut and pretended like we knew what we were doing.

Brittany and I stupidly put our yoga mats right underneath one of the heaters (ya know, the heater pumping in 105° of hot, stanky air) and about an hour into the class, we were both alarmingly close to passing out. I already sweat when I'm stationary, so twisting myself into a pretzel in a sauna did not bode well for me. I started seeing stars in the corner of my eyes and had to lay down on the mat in child's pose during the "who can make their leg kick back high enough to touch your head? That's right, only freaks can!" series of exercises.

Today my back is totally jacked up and both standing and sitting are equally painful. But I can't complain too much because my hips definitely feel much more open and loose, and that's exactly what I needed before I tackle my 20-mile run tomorrow.

2.) That's another things: I'm running 20 miles tomorrow. Ain't no thang, right? RIGHT!??? This is my final long run before I make the leap into glorious, glorious tapering and guys, I'm a little freaked out. I've never run this far in my entire life. In the winter months, I usually average about 20 miles for the entire week, not just one day!

I ran 9 miles on Wednesday night because I'm hate myself in preparation for Saturday's 20 miles of nonsense, and it was the first time I became consciously aware of what I've already achieved in this training process. Since when did running 9 miles at a good pace start feeling like a walk in the park? Since when did I start viewing 9 miles as a "Hey, lemme go do this real quick" kind of thing? I'm not sure if that's pure insanity, or total awesomeness.

I feel like a beast right now. Please don't think I'm being a braggart when I say this, but I am wicked proud of myself, too.

3.) I'm obsessed with HGTV. I've screwed up our DVR system at least twice by setting too many recordings for episodes of Love It or List It and House Hunters. I don't know if purchasing a home automatically unlocks some previously suppressed section of your brain that cares about bathroom tile and vaulted ceilings, but I can't get enough. I've already taken to yelling at the contributors who insist on having an open layout on the first floor because EVERYONE wants an open layout on the first floor, and it's annoying.

4.) I have the coolest neighbors ever. A few nights ago I was out running and I ran across a house that was so perfectly decorated for Halloween, I did a double-take. Had I been drinking something at the time, I would have done a spit-take, too.

These photos look pretty tame under the bright lighting of day, but when you run or walk past this house (alone) at night, it's pretty dang creepy. You can't see it in the photos, but their front windows are lined with a wallpaper that when illuminated, looks like the undead are clawing at the glass.

My neighbors constructed a cemetery in their front yard with life-size zombies lurking behind tombstones and and emerging from the ground. And the skeleton grim reaper above the garage holding the "Welcome to Hell!" banner? A nice touch.

5.) My husband is the least materialist person I've ever met. He's the polar opposite of materialistic (which I guess would be un-materialistic? Or anti-materialistic?). Clayton is content to wear pants with broken belt loops or frayed bottoms, and I'm pretty sure he's had the some of the same t-shirts since we were in high school. 

So whenever Clayton is jonesing to buy something in particular, I never put up a fuss. He lets me make frivolous purchases all the time and to be honest, it's really refreshing to hear him actually admit that he wants something (it makes him seem more human and makes me seem like slightly less of a retail-hungry diva).

I can't remember the last time Clayton called me up on the phone to gush. In fact, I don't know when Clayton has ever gushed about anything in his life (not even about the precious gem that is me). So you can imagine my shock (and delight) when I received a phone call yesterday afternoon from my darling hubby who was too excited to wait until I got home to share his news. 

"It came!" he said happily into the phone. "It came!"

Yup, my husband is the proud new owner of a 1993 Power Ranger action figure that is still in its original, unopened box. And yup, that makes me husband one of the coolest kids on the planet. :)

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend and don't forget ... MONDAY'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (So please plan your day accordingly.)


  1. So, you know how when you start typing in the address bar and it autofills based on your usual sites, so you don't really ever have to type out the entire website address? Sometimes, when I'm going to, I hit the return key too soon, and I end up going to blo . com. Fortunately, that's blocked by the network at work, so I don't actually know what is on that site. But I am afraid that if I do that enough times the IT folks are going to wonder what in the world I'm using my computer for on my breaks.

  2. I found you're website one day when I was doing birth control research of all things and i have since read all you're blogs. What a smart quick witted talented journalist you are! I am definitely a fan! Thanks for putting a smile on my face!
    Annabel from Florida :)


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