Courtney Confessions

1.) Our department decided to do a group costume for Halloween, and last Friday we elected to all be super heroes. The girls immediately started tossing out ideas to each other about who could be Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Bat Girl, ect. while my first thought was, "Quail Man."

2.) I've been looking for a new handbag since April, and I've purchased and returned 2 different bags that I brought home and was ultimately like, "Nah." As my sister-in-law pointed out to me, I have champagne taste on a beer budget (but let's be honest, I always make sure I have champagne when I want it: Mortgage schmortgage! Who needs a roof over their head when we have so much bubbly?! *Hic!*). I'm only interested in designer bags that I can't afford. I've tried filling the handbag void in my life with budget-friendly knock-offs of the styles I really like, but I keep finding myself visiting the magenta Erin Satchel on and sighing wistfully. The heart wants what the heart wants.
3.) Last night I discovered that The Nightmare Before Christmas is on Nexflix and I got really excited because it's one of the best holiday movies ever. However, I still haven't been able to decide when I should watch it. Is it technically a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie?

4.) I'm kind of getting into decorative brooches, and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it. At first I thought nothing of this peculiar new fashion interest, but just last week I mentioned to Clayton that I'm considering taking up knitting this winter. KNITTING. I mean, I always kind of suspected I was a 94 year-old woman trapped in a 20-something's body, but I thought it would take me a lot longer to release her into the general public.

(Bonus Confession: Up until about 2 minutes ago, I thought "brooch" was spelled "broach".)

Do you have anything to confess today?