Weekend recap

Hi all! Before I get into today's Blogtember prompt, I wanted to share a few details of my weekend because come on, what's a Monday without a weekend recap?

Apparently our city has this thing called Balloon Fest and up until Thursday afternoon, I had never heard of it. A co-worker had free passes for Friday's activities and I rarely turn down the opportunity to try something new for free ($12 per car to get in? Not on your life, pal.). Plus, we now live about half a mile from the fair grounds and it's just a hop, skip and a jump to get there.

We invited Clayton's parents to tag along, and the four of us sat on blankets and watched as several air balloons were inflated during a lovely September sunset. I've always considered hot air balloons to be kind of hokey (and you could never convince me that I'd be safe dangling several hundred feet in the air with nothing between me and the ground except for a wicker basket), but once illuminated from the glow of their burners, they were rather beautiful.

Rocket Man kind of freaked me out.
Something about a shooting fire up his butt was a bit off-putting.

My in-laws. :)

Oliver Winery's balloons were our favorite.

On Saturday morning I begrudgingly woke up early, partly because I had to run and mostly because my genius next door neighbor decided that mowing his law at 8:00 a.m. was an awesome idea. After catching up on the previous night's newest episodes of What Not to Wear and Top Model, I laced up my sneakers, filled up my water pack, covered my face in SPF 30, and headed outside.

This is the first long weekend run I've done in my neighborhood and honestly, I probably won't do it again. Yes, it was convenient, but there are too many stop signs and dead-end cul-de-sacs (something about running in a small circle irritates the h-e-double-hockey-sticks outta me; I don't know why). I toughed it out, but it was not my favorite run. I made myself stop for two quick water breaks because as much as I hate to pause my Garmin, it was way too hot to risk dehydration.

I ran the half marathon distance and as I lamented on Facebook that afternoon, it's the first time I've ever run 13.1 miles and wasn't given a medal and a t-shirt afterwards. And that felt weird (and like I was somehow being ripped off). What felt even weirder is that I'm not even halfway through my training. I'm running 16 miles next Saturday and the only way I'm preparing for it is by trying not to think about it. My body has no idea what's going on.

After my run, I took a much needed ice bath (Clayton was a little too happy to poor freezing cold water and ice on me) and then sat on the floor with a bag of frozen spinach under one thigh, frozen brussel sprouts under the other, and two ice packs on my knees. If anything, this marathon training process is turning me into a frail, old woman.

Clayton brought home an Oreo Truffles recipe from one of his co-workers and all but demanded I make them for a cookout we attended at Mitch and Molly's on Saturday evening. I've never made any kind of truffle before, but I gave it a whirl. Having an electric stove makes it far easier to melt chocolate without completely torching it.

Oreo Truffles are delicious and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to make a decadent dessert with very little effort. You can find a similar recipe here.

Joe-bizzles had a dental cleaning on Friday morning and in order to clean a dog's teeth without getting bit, anesthesia is a requirement. Since the dog is being put under, they refer to the procedure as "oral surgery". The word "surgery" makes me break out into hives, be it doggie surgery or person surgery, so I was somewhat of a basket case after I dropped him off at the vet. I cried the whole way to work.

Joey had blood work done beforehand to ensure that all of his wittle beagle organs were healthy and just as Clayton assured me several times, he came out of the surgery a-okay. This fur mamma was more than delighted to see her pup with fresh breath and a happy face. 

He was in a post-surgery stupor for most of Friday night and there were several comical moments of him staring off into space for several minutes at a time, unblinking. (I took a 30-second video of him staring at a wall.) But my Bizzles is all good and every time he gives me kisses, it's delightful. His breath no longer smells like rotten garbage and fish heads; it smells like absolutely nothing. And when you're used to rotten garbage kisses, the smell of nothing is heavenly.

We took advantage of him being under for his teeth cleaning, so Clayton and I opted to have a large wart on his neck and a skin tag on his groin removed. Laser-ing off the skin tag was purely cosmetic (I'm not even kidding, this thing was like an inch and a half long and ain't nobody want to look at that!), but the wart on his neck has been ripped open several times from scratching and it was getting to be a problem. Joey looks like a brand new man!

I may even audition him for America's Next Top Doggie Model.

I hope you all had a great weekend! And did any of you catch The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco? I about peed my pants and Clayton almost fell off the couch from laughing. We LOVE the Judd Apatow crew. LOVE THEM. It's seriously one of the best roasts ever. I'm sure Comedy Central will be airing the episode again at some point, you gotta check it out!

And happy first Monday Night Football game of the season!


  1. The balloon fest was new this year. They are hoping to make it an annual event. Kim makes those oreo truffles and they are TOO good! Don't want them around because I would eat them until I am sick. Lastly ~ seriously running is that much fun to have to put ice packs on and have an ice bath!! I love to read your posts and you seriously have me wanting to run, but not run enough to have to ice my body down!!! Love you!


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