Pedal to the metal

Oh my goodness, I want a vanilla latte like whoa today and that's weird because I don't even like lattes. I barely tolerate cappuccinos, but something about a warm, sugary coffee drink sounds blissful today (even though it's almost 80 degrees). 

How was your evening? Ours was the usual ...

I came home to an empty living room a little after 5 p.m., and  it didn't take more than a second to figure out that my darling husband was taking a nap in our bedroom. I walked down the hallway (already peeling off my work clothes) burst into the bedroom and asked, "Did you set an alarm?" as I crawled under the covers next to him. Still half awake, he nodded.

Not another word was spoken until we woke up an hour later.

And that's how we nap.

Napping after work always leaves me feeling groggy and nauseous, so I don't know why I elect to do it so often. I wake up like, "Ugh, I'm never doing this again" and then sure enough, I do it again.

Fact: I've napped every day after work this week. I'm just so tired nowadays.

Our house gets a CRAZY amount of natural light during the day, so napping is almost impossible sometimes. To solve the problem, Clayton started building me a barricade with our decorative bed pillows that blocks the sunlight streaming through the window (See? Those frilly pillows are good for something.), but even then, it's still too bright. That's when you really have to power through and rely on your 27 years of napping experience to help you fall asleep.

I'm a champ at this point.

But yesterday evening I woke up feeling like garbage (as usual) and spent about 20 minutes on the couch trying to talk myself into going for a run while I watched Full House: The True Hollywood Story. Did you know someone else was originally cast as Danny Tanner because Bob Saget wasn't available? Then he became available and the producers totally fired the first guy while he was in the car moving all of his stuff to L.A. for the show. That's so rude.

I eventually pulled myself together and stepped outside to run 8 miles before dinner. The air was chilly and conditions were certainly favorable for a good run, but I just didn't want to do it. That distance feels like a total chore on a weeknight and I would have much preferred to stay indoors and learn about how Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen built their retail empire, but alas! I'm a dedicated athlete.

And you know what? The run was FABULOUS. I took a slightly different route that varied just enough to shake up my routine and keep me interested. I download a few new Glee songs (Glease? Yes, please!) and totally zoned out.

My friend, Trudy, got me a free entry into this weekend's Hoosiers Outrun Cancer 5k and even though 3.1 miles is a drop in the bucket at this point, I wanted to put a little bit of focus on speed during my workouts this week. I have zero aspirations of setting a 5k PR on Saturday, but I would like to finish it in under 26 minutes (my current 5k PR is 22:52, but I'm just trying to be realistic).
Monday I did my usual 4 mile work out and was pleasantly surprised that I kept my overall pace under 8:00 minutes per mile. I haven't seen the 7s in awhile!

And I was like, "Ermagherd!"

And last night I ran my 8 miles at an average pace of 8:33 minutes per mile, something I haven't done since last winter when I started training for the Hoosier Half. I was beyond thrilled. Maybe my body doesn't totally forget how to put the pedal to the metal after all!

To celebrate, I went home and dunked a King Size Nestle's Crunch Bar into a jar of peanut butter for dinner.

How do you celebrate life's little victories?


  1. That IS pedal to the metal... For me anyway, well done! I am the world's slowest runner! Glad your grammar was correct too with metal and not medal... haha. I am too geeky!

  2. I always reward myself with Donuts! Hmmm, maybe that's why I can't seem to loose the last of this baby weight.
    I will be at HOC this weekend, along with the rest of the fam. Keep an eye out for us......we will be bringing up the rear. :)


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