Blogtember FAIL. Fun pictures instead!

Oh my goodness, I'm the worst Blogtember participant ever because I'm not participating in today's topic either:

Day 9: A self portrait.

You all know what my face looks like by now. And the fact that any self portrait I've ever taken and posted on this blog has been in the bathroom mirror with my phone, you won't be suffering any great loss if I sit this one out.

I could really use a new camera. I was going to buy one this summer but we decided to buy a house instead. It was a tough choice, but we ultimately came to the conclusion that we can't live in a camera.

BUT, I can take today as an opportunity to give you a super fun everyone-loves-them-and-never-gets-sick-of-hearing-about-them-all-the-time house update!

Remember that one time I told you I spent an entire Sunday afternoon after pulling weeds in the atrocious yard we were left with after purchasing our home? The sellers of our home moved overseas within two weeks of accepting our offer and that means that the entire 6 weeks between the offer and our closing date, no one maintained the landscaping (which I bitched complained about endlessly to our realtor because that means that the sellers were violating their contract and homie don't play that). So by the time we were handed the keys to the house, we had our work cut out for us (plus the major painting fiasco).

Well, after pulling weeds and laying down brick edging, Clayton and I kind of abandoned our yard makeover project in favor of attending to more pressing needs, like watching movies and not doing yard work. (Our favorite new motto being, "We'll do it later.") But "later" became "now" this past week because we're having friends over for a small house-warming party tonight and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if my yard still looked the like the aftermath of tornado.

Remember these pics?

As of 9:30 p.m. last night, our yard no longer looks like a sad, dilapidated horror house. It now looks like this:

^^And look! We're getting little tufts of grass over the area where the flag pole used to be! I did that! ME! I tilled the dirt, added new soil, sprinkled the grass seeds and made Clayton water it! With how excited we were over growing our own grass, you'd think we invented fire or something.  

My softball games were rained-out last night and I opted for a celebratory nap (I'm ridiculously tired nowadays) which left us with precious little time to lay down all of the mulch before it got dark. We literally laid down the last two bags in pitch black (and in the darkness I somehow man-handled a poor toad, startling us both equally). Clayton didn't think my "Doin' yard work Helen Keller-style!" joke was that funny, but when we were finished, he proudly declared, "It looks great! ... I think."
By the way, Clayton absolutely despises the red trim on our house. (My argument: "Then why did you buy it?" Case closed.) He plans to re-paint the trim and shutters next summer, but I like it. I don't think you could find a more festive Hoosier home.

I hope you guys have a great weekend! We are so looking forward to our house-warming party tonight and I'm also super excited that I scored free tickets to Saturday night's IU Women's Volleyball game. Go Hoosiers!


  1. The yard looks absolutely beautiful Court! Can't wait to see it next weekend!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh!!! It looks wonderful! Almost like a completely different house. Enjoy!


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