Life lately

(This is tardy.) Day 15 of Blogtember: life lately.

I like this topic because 1.) I get to talk about me and my life which I never get to do otherwise (Ha, right) and 2.) it's reminiscent of my Coffee Date series that I love so much.

^^This is me lately. You know, right after my long-awaited facial plastic surgery. I just walked into my plastic surgeon's office and was like, "Give me the Chubby Martian, please!"

But life lately? Man, I'm telling ya: It's chaotic, but oh-so-sweet.

Up until this past Saturday, I was hating everything about marathon training. It's dragging me away from my husband, away from my other hobbies (like drinking), and away from my normal responsibilities around the house. I knew that this training schedule was going to be a huge time suck, but I didn't factor in how utterly exhausted it was going to make me almost every waking moment. It's bad enough that I'm running 8 miles after work on a Wednesday night, but what's worse is that it wipes me out for hours.

I'm craving a bit of normalcy in my routine. When we first moved into our house, we were so consumed by what needed to be done to make the house livable, I forgot what it was like to come home after work and relax. Now that we're settled into the house, I made the leap into marathon training and now I forget what it feels like to come home after work and not run for an hour. And right when marathon training reaches its peak, I'll start teaching my first college course and if you don't think that's going to make me a total basket case, you must be new around here.

Clayton and I finally got to the point where we've completed all of the "have tos" at our new house and can now focus on some "want to" kind of projects. We've all but retired our paint brushes, but I won't officially store the paint cans until I can complete a lap around our living room and not spy a white spot on the wall. Being a perfectionist is okay, but isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and again expecting different results? There will never NOT be white spots on those darn textured walls and the sooner I can accept that and move on with my life, the better.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time on Etsy the other day looking for fun new pieces of art for the house and I somehow ended up buying a 5" Super Mario Bros. Yoshi action figure instead. Yeah, explain that one ...

This week I totally geeked out with a fellow academic advisor and we gabbed about collecting journals, the merit of a good pen, and *sigh* ... Those kinds of things speak to me on a molecular level. I feel so happy and blessed that I discovered my passion  for writing early in life and that it still burns with the same intensity today.

Which leads me to another thing: I'm a curious girl, though that's not a recent revelation. My inquisitive mind was pretty much solidified the day my mom caught me in the backyard trying to eat dog poop. (Relax, this happened when I was a toddler, not last summer or anything.) And further more, I don't like being stagnant in anythingnot emotionally, not physically, not intellectually. Sometimes my "what's next?" mentality comes across as obnoxious and restless, but if you're not moving forward, you're kind of just standing there, right?

Being an academic advisor and helping students find their way academically has really bolstered my own desire to keep learning and thankfully, my employee benefits allow me to do so without cost. I spent my first day on the job poring over our current course catalog, trying to decide what class I wanted to take next (absolutely anything involving English, Sociology, or History). I'm already signed up for a class in the spring and am more excited than anyone should be about taking a Linguistics course this summer.

Lately, my life has been a whirlwind. It's been hella challenging on my body (obviously) and we have a lot going on, but I feel like my mind is settling. No matter what our busy schedules might bring this fall, nothing will take away from the joy of sprawling out on the couch next to my beloved and our stinky beagle with my nose buried in a book. 


  1. Linguistics?!?! That sounds SO AWESOME. I'm a huge nerd, and if I could make a living out of being a professional student, I would. Considering that won't happen, I'll just have to live vicariously through you telling us how your class goes!

    I've been so far behind catching up with all my blogs (don't even get me started on how far behind I am with posting stuff on my own blog.....ahem......), but it sounds like your house is coming along great!


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