Labor Day weekend recap

Today's blog post is going to be a super quick and dirty Labor Day weekend recap. Like, if this was the Oscar's, I'd be rattling off a bunch of names incoherently in an effort to thank everyone before the music starting signaling that I need to shut up and get off the stage. I'm going to just spit this out before I get swallowed up in an evening of softball and finishing the Master bathroom. It's not going to be well-written or very detailed, but by golly, it's still a weekend recap!

Friday night = dinner at La Torre, TWO margarita towers (why did we think that was a good decision?), and a grocery cart ride to the movie theater to see We Are the Miller's with Dan and Emily. My verdict on the movie? It was okay. Clayton thought it was funnier than I did, but I have a really bad habit of developing way too high of expectations that the actual movie can never live up to. Nothing is ever as funny as I think it's going to be. I really hope this won't be the case with Anchorman 2 this December.

After the movie I was craving some sweets, so we stopped at the store to buy a package of Keebler Fudge Double Stuffed cookies. I am ashamed to report that aside from the one cookie Clayton had, I ate the entire package by myself in less than 12 hours. And then I ate the whole bag of chips that I "bought for both of us". I'm insatiable. 

Saturday = I slept too late to get in a long run, so I did a small workout of walking around our neighborhood in the 95 degree heat and leaping through random sprinklers. Then we spent the afternoon hauling dead grass, weeds and old mulch to the dump as we started trying to beautify our yard. By the end of the evening we were exhausted and actually kind of relieved that our plans for the night fell through. Clayton has his Fantasy Football draft and ended up with a pretty good team, so we had a pleasant evening (especially since it FINALLY rained). We ended up installing our ceiling fan. It was not fun, but the new fan looks awesome and Clayton and I are practically pros at this points.

Sunday = I woke up kind of early enough to get in a 12-mile run, but I didn't get up in time to avoid the heat completely. I ran all 12 miles, but I did stop at mile 9 for a brief walking/water break because it was hot. It's actually the first run I've ever had that I totally ran out of water and panicked I was going to make myself sick from dehydration. My pace was right around 9:10 min/mile, and I'm totally okay with that. I'm even more okay with the sweet tan my arms and shoulders developed during my 2 hours outside.

And how gross is this blister? How some people manage to run miles and miles and not have gag-inducing toe deformities is beyond me. (I really didn't want to post this picture. It's icky and embarrassing and probably gives you a really terrible impression of my feet, but I'm willing to risk all of that because my sister hates feet so dang much, I know that posting this picture and grossing her out is totally worth any humiliation I might feel as a result.)

After drinking 2 bottles of water and falling asleep with an ice pack while recovering from my run, I went grocery shopping and started the long, laborious task (Get it? It was LABOR day weekend. Ha.) of digging a trench to make room for the brick trim we are installing along the flower beds in our yard. FYI: Bricks are cheap, but they are heavy. Especially when you buy over 50 at one time. One entire side of our car was weighted down on the drive home from Menard's, not unlike that scene from What's Eating Gilbert Grape when Gilbert is driving his morbidly obese mother into town and their car is tilting to one side.

Here are some "before" pictures of the front yard so you can get a sense of the chaos we're dealing with. The yard is by no means finished, but when it is, I'll be sure to post some "after" photos so you can see the (hopefully) huge improvement we made.

Monday = more digging in the yard to lay down bricks. We finally finished laying down all 50-some bricks and celebrated by spraying each other with our hose and inadvertently had a Wet T-shirt Contest. (Clayton won.) Then we poked around the Half Price Books Outlet because they were having a 50% off everything Labor Day sale and we snagged a few movies and I grabbed a few more books. I picked up two memoirs by Chelsea Handler and am already almost done with the first one. There was a massive collection of David Sedaris books and I was so overwhelmed with the choices, I didn't know where to start. Plus, the only books of his they currently have are hardcover and it's really sad that $2 seemed a bit steep to me.

I scored this rather adorable bookmark for $.25.

For the record: Clayton and I own far too many movies. We have a large, 9 shelf media center devoted to nothing but movies and it's almost completely full. It took 4 boxes to move all of our DVDs to the new house and you know what? I love that about us. Clayton and I bond significantly over cinema and TV. We also spent the entirety of our time installing the ceiling fan by quoting random jokes from our favorite stand-up comedians. I swear, if we weren't lovers and life partners, we'd totally be bros.

That night, I was smart and I waited for the sun to set before I completed my next work out. Since I was lazy on Saturday morning and ended up doing my long run on Sunday, my schedule got a bit screwed up. I normally rest after a long run, so I had to fight through my soreness and crank out 3 miles. Desperate to prove that marathon training won't completely kill my speed, I did a tempo run and averaged 7:58 min/mile (my last mile was completed in 7:41 minutes! What!?). It's not a world record or anything, but it's really good for me considering that I ran so much the day before. I wanted to snap a picture of my final Garmin read-out (I can never think of any other kinds of pictures to post about my running) and somehow ended up turning on the video recording feature instead and taped about 30 seconds of darkness with nothing but the sound of my heavy, creepy breathing. It definitely sounded like I was waiting in the bushes outside your window to watch you take a shower.

I'm doing you a favor by not posting that video.

Then I came home, cleaned up, and made a large pot of Beef Barley Soup (courtesy of Skinny Taste) before we settled in to catch up on Dexter.

Whew! That's pretty much it! Nothing majorly exciting, but we got a lot of work done ... which really defeats the whole purpose of the Labor Day holiday, but we drank a lot of beer and that's pretty festive.

Happy Monday!

P.S. I moved into my new office at work today! I'm an Academic Adviser now! And just look at the gorgeous dahlias my co-workers gave me to welcome me to the neighborhood!


  1. aw the flowers are gorgeous! good luck with ur new job! :)

  2. Ahhh blisters are the worst! And I love those flowers :)

  3. OMG I LOVE Chelsea Handler's books!!! I've read every single one and one more than once!!!


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