The first weekend in the house weekend recap

It's crazy how much smoother my mornings go whenever I decide to substitute a mug of hot green tea for a cup of coffee. My stomach is less angry, my breath is worlds better, and I don't need to run to the bathroom with my mini tooth brush and travel tooth paste to scrub away the stains on my teeth.

I've even started putting a small packet of Sweet n' Low in my tea and I don't totally hate it, which is amazing because any kind of artificial sweetener used to totally gross me out.

Granted, Sweet n' Low is still pretty gross, but it's all we have in the breakroom and I'll have to suffer through it until I go to the store to pick up something else. What's a good calorie-free sweetener? Stevia? Truvia?

Those sound like diseases.

Oh yeah, we're homeowners, don'tcha know!

Anyway, I'm actually really surprised I'm awake and functioning today because we clocked about 15 hours painting this weekend. And guess what? We're still not done.

We closed on the house at 1 p.m. on Friday with zero incident. It seriously took about 40 minutes. The seller's realtor didn't bother to show up, the sellers didn't show up (they are out of the country), and our broker didn't show up. It was just 4 of us in a giant conference room, and Clay and I were more or less like, "Just give me the next paper. Let's keep this thing moving."

At first I was really intimidated by the whole closing process because a few friends shared their own closing-day horror stories. Clay and I were left alone in the conference room for several minutes before we got started (and we shouldn't be left alone anywhere) and I just stared at the giant basket of pens in the middle of the table. "Geeze!" I whispered, "How many papers do we have to sign? Do they really think we'll go through this much ink?"

And before Clayton could answer, the closing facilitator-lady-person came into the room, looked at the basket on the table and exclaimed, "Oh dear! I need to grab some more pens!"

MORE pens?

Seriously, I think there are plenty of pens.
After we signed our lives away became official homeowners, Clay and I shared a "Yay!" kiss in the parking lot and then it was time to MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! I asked our families to come toast to the new house that night, but during our final walk-through on Thursday, I realized I had a LOT of cleaning to do before I would allow anyone to step foot inside our new home. The sellers weren't, um, the cleanest people on the block and to me, that was totally unacceptable.

After getting a few keys made (the sellers only had ONE key?), I scrubbed my new kitchen (AH! OMG! *SQUEEL!*) for about 2 hours while Clayton vacuumed the carpets and my in-laws, God bless them, mowed and trimmed the jungle growing inside the backyard fence. Cleaning the kitchen took probably an hour longer than it should have because I kept stopping to press buttons on my new electric, self-cleaning oven.

Our families came over, we toasted glasses of champagne, and welcomed everyone to our new home. It was nice to share that moment with all of the people we love. (Minus my sister who couldn't be there for work reasons.)

On Saturday morning, our closest friends gave up their days off to come help us tape, prime and paint and the living room, dining room, entry way and hallway. We painted for most of the day and Clay and I were in complete awe over how awesome our friends are. Because our friends? Are painting CHAMPIONS. While we were working, I kept saying over and over again, "I can't even imagine how long this would take us if we had to do it alone."

The two colors on their own? Not bad! But together and in the living room? No. NO. NO!

Ha, looks better already.
Now THAT is a much better color, if I do say so myself.

Clay and I picked the perfect shade for this house!

It is pretty rad to have finally covered those disgusting two-tone colored walls, but I think I'm even happier knowing that my husband and I have been blessed with some pretty amazing people in our lives. Every time I look at our walls, I will remember all of people who helped make them look so dang lovely.

After a much needed night of sleep, Clay and I went back to the house on Sunday morning to finish touch-ups on the walls and get started painting the bedroom. Well, wall touch-ups took almost 4 hours and we were both far too tired and sore to attempt painting our bedroom. It will have to wait until next weekend.

But all in all, it was a rather successful first weekend in the house. I can't believe what a huge transformation occurred by just covering up those nasty walls. Now the whole home feels warm and inviting, and I'm finally starting to feel confident that other people will see the potential that Clay and I saw when we first laid eyes on the house all those months ago. It's going to be amazing.

And of course, leave it to me to totally overbook myself with a bunch of big life events at one time. This weekend was not only the closing on our first home, it was also the first official week of marathon training. Despite being sore and exhausted, I forced myself out the door bright and early on Sunday morning and got in my first official long marathon training run.

What have I gotten myself into?


  1. Psshhh...tea is so 3 pm. Everyone knows you do espresso on a Monday morning. I'm just saying...

    New house new house! So exciting!

    Congrats on your long run too!!

    Have an amazing week!

  2. Congrats, girlie!! Loving the neutral walls - you can do crazy decor like curtains and zebra throw pillows without it clashing with the walls!

    It's a ton of work, but totally worth it :-)


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