Pineapple Crock Pot Chicken is kind of gross

I was really looking forward to tasting the Pineapple Crock Pot Chicken recipe I found on Pinterest this week, but the overall consensus? Meh.

In typical slow cooker fashion, I put together last evening's meal during my lunch break and even as I was pouring the 1/2 cup of chicken broth over the pineapple-coated chicken breasts I thought, "This doesn't really seem that appetizing." Chicken? Good. Pineapple? Awesome. Salty chicken broth poured over sweet fruit chunks? Ew.

The sneaky thing about this recipe is that it actually smells a-mah-zing while it's cooking. In fact, Clayton called me after work to inform me that "dinner smelled dang delicious" and "how much longer until I can try some?". We met at the house to put a few final touch-ups on the kitchen (Holy cow! The kitchen looks perfect!) and our tummies grumbled the entire time. We raced home to try the chicken and ...

... Meh.

I seriously eat so much broccoli, it's insane.

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. For chicken breasts that had literally been simmering in juice for 8 hours, they sure didn't taste very juicy. I used an extra large can of pineapple bits, but you could barely detect any hint of sweetness in the broth. And I even went against Clayton's wishes and added the required chopped onion for extra flavor, but the meal just didn't "wow!" us at all. I was pretty bummed.

Since I love the flavor of pineapple, next time I'll scrap the chicken broth and soy sauce and just coat my chicken in BBQ and then dump the can of pineapple over of that. Ta-da! Hawaiian BBQ chicken!

But hey, we totally managed to hang a new light fixture in the kitchen yesterday! I know this isn't really newsworthy, but Clayton and I shouldn't be allowed to touch wiring or do anything concerning electricity unless the person who let us do it has a death wish. So this is a big deal for us! In 20 minutes we had the old light removed and a new, pretty bronze light hanging in its place. (And we didn't even argue about it much!)

At one point I had to laugh because in order for one of us to work on the light while the other person held it in place, we both had to stand on the counter. At random intervals we both had our bare feet in the sink and I couldn't help but think how totally disgusting it was. Whenever I do dishes, I'm always going to remember Clayton's hairy big toes where in that sink first (and if we're being super totally honest, MY hairy big toes, too. I can't help it. Back off me. I SHAVE MY BIG TOE WHEN I NEED TO. If you have dark hair and claim you don't have a few hairs on your big toes, you ma'am, are a liar.)

Oh, and in other equally unimportant news, today I rocked a brand new clearance rack dress from Kohl's (I seriously paid $6 for it) and despite it being a totally adorable frock, no one said a THING. But yesterday I wore an old faded yellow sundress that I've seriously had since college and paired it with an mismatched cardigan with a huge hole in it, and I got 3 different compliments on the assemble. Really, you guys? REALLY?

Bathroom selfie of my new dress for the win!

The dress is made of super soft jersey. It's so soft and stretchy, I could totally sleep in it. And I probably will after work because I'm THAT lazy.


  1. I tried that same recipe from pinterest and also thought that the chicken was dry. I also added some brown sugar which helped a little with the taste, but definitely a meh recipe. Your dress is adorable!

    1. Brown sugar! That's so smart! Did you end up using the onion, too? I dunno, but that was a weird combination with the pineapple. So bland!

      Pinterest, you've failed us.

  2. If I remember correctly my onion was bad, so I didn't end up putting any in. That might have added flavor????? I think replacing the chicken broth with bbq sauce sounds like a wonderful idea, I may have to try it soon.

    1. If you happen upon any new slow cooker recipes, please share! My Crock Pot and I are besties and I like using it during the week!

  3. u could try that. if u have time please look at my blog!


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