My mangy elflock

I learned a new word today: elflock.
noun: A tangled lock of hair.

An elflock is a mass of hair supposedly tangled by elves, as a mother might explain to her daughter while untangling her snarled locks after a slumber. From Old English aelf. Ultimately from the Indo-European root albho- (white), which is also the source of oaf, albino, album, albumen, and albedo. Earliest documented use: 1596.
Elves better not be touching me in my sleep. Even so, I need to find a way to insert this word into everyday conversation. Wish me luck!

Anyway, after the disaster that was Pineapple Crock Pot Chicken, last night I gave Pinterest a chance to redeem itself with a recipe for Pizzadillas. The jury voted unanimously on this dish, too, only this time we were in agreement that Pizzadillas deserved two thumbs way, way up!

Despite all of the house stuff and marathon training that has been taking our usual weeknight routine and punching it in the face, Clay and I have been adamant about keeping our tradition of Pizza Wednesdays. Sometimes we get bored of the traditional crust and sauce style of pizza (sad, but true), so I'm always on the hunt for new takes on one our favorite meals. We tried Bubble Pizza the other day which was pretty darn tasty and the next time I make it, I'll try to remember to snap a few pictures to share with you.

For Pizzadillas, all you need to do is load your favorite sauce, cheese and pizza toppings onto half of a whole wheat tortilla shell. Then fold the tortilla omelet-style and let your cheese get nice and melty. Flip a few times until golden brown, and BAM! Dinner is served!

Right after work, I rushed to Menard's to pick up a new bathroom vanity light fixture (I've purchased and returned 2 at this point. YAY HOME OWNERSHIP!), then went immediately home to run 5 miles before I met Clayton over at the house to finishing painting our bedroom (he's been so patient with this marathon training and has willingly gone to the house solo on more than one occasion to work while I run myself ragged outside). Since I've been running for quite sometime and usually clock 6 or 7 miles on Saturdays already, I was able to drop into my marathon training schedule at week 6. This has worked out pretty well in terms of my weekend long runs, but my weekday mileage just jumped significantly within just a few days and my body is definitely suffering through a few moments of "WTF?"

I've been feeling a bit discouraged about my speed lately and haven't had the luxury of blaming it on a hot, humid summer because temperatures have been mild (and sometimes downright cool!) all season. These weather conditions are actually a runner's paradise, so I'm not sure what my problem is. I think I'm just tired from the emotional and physical commitment this house has been demanding from us and we haven't had any real free time in weeks. I'm hoping that once we get moved in, I'll be able to actually relax and rest up properly.

That being said, I somehow managed to have an awesome run last night. In an effort to get in some speed training (and just get the workout over with so I could go help my husband), I did a tempo run and was thrilled to see I could hold a faster-than-my-recent-normal pace for 5 miles. Usually my speed work is confined to 3 or 3.5 miles, so this gave me the confident boost I really needed!

Warm-up mile: 8:35
Mile 2: 8:16
Mile 3: 8:11
Mile 4: 7:56
Cool down mile: 8:32

Of course, I totally jacked up the side of my hip and am limping around a bit today, but it's slowly working itself out as I stretch and move. You know how your Barbie doll's legs only moved forwards and backwards and anytime you tried to make her do the splits, her leg totally popped out of the plastic socket of her pelvis? That's how I feel right now.

On that note, I am signing off for the week. Yup, I am taking tomorrow OFF. I haven't had an actual vacation day since we went to Florida in March. Any hours of time off I've needed have been house-related or based on some kind of social engagement. Tomorrow is also my rest day which means I'm sleeping in ridiculously late, laying on the couch, and reading. If Mother Nature cooperates, I just might go to the pool.

I will mostly be sleeping. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I quite frequently get elflocks!! i think i need an alarm system! ive got absolutely hooked on your blog, please read mine if u find the time. its not great, just somthing to do :)


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