Hunger pangs

You know how I was yammering on and on yesterday about how I haven't had any time to cook or bake in the past few weeks? It's starting to take it's toll.

Last night, Clayton and I stayed at the house painting until a little after 8 p.m. and even though he had a softball game to rush to at 9, I was determined to cook a sit-down meal. We have a whole fridge full of groceries this week and dangit, we will NOT be hitting up Subway for sandwiches late at a night.

While my hubby played his softball game (I felt terrible for not going, but we had to eat), I cooked an easy Tuesday night dinner: baked garlic ranch salmon, steamed broccoli and brown rice drowning in soy sauce (I should really be more concerned about sodium). Sure, we didn't eat this dinner until after 10 p.m., but it still counts!

In my precious, sporadic downtime, I've been pinning recipes and meal ideas on Pinterest like a mad woman. I was so obsessive about making sure I acquired a large arsenal of special dinners and yummy treats, it took me a long time to realize I was repinning my own pins. As in, I was looking at my own recipe board and repinning the same pins back onto it again. *Face palm*

I've asked Clayton no fewer than 10 times what meal he wants me to make in our new home first. He says he has no idea (and chances are, it will be spaghetti pie or pizza), but I've been scouring the web for a fun, new idea that will be just as special as the house itself. You have no idea how much I've daydreamed about baking in that yellow kitchen ...

(... That yellow kitchen we just decided to repaint, by the way. After a lot of discussion, we came to the unanimous conclusion that it's just TOO yellow and might make my eyes bleed if I spend too much time in there. Since the kitchen is my domain, I decided to go with a lighter, creamier yellow that's far less assaulting on the retinas.)

Ahem, anyway.

Since I haven't had a chance to physically make these dishes, here are some of the recipes I'm dying to try for myself in the near future:

This recipe for Pecan Praline Cookies with Brown Sugar Frosting. Um, YUM.

Shredded cucumber and halved tomatoes tossed in pine nuts and olive oil. Such an easy, healthy lunch! (Though I need a julienne peeler.)

What is more delicious than sweet potatoes stuffed with Chipotle corn and black bean salad?
(Answer: Not much.)

 Taco stuffed shells? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Nom. Nom. Nom.

 These Thai Turkey Meatballs look mouth-wateringly hearty and delicious. I'm sure Clayton will be a fan!

Of course this Berry Shortcake with Whipped Cream Cheese recipe is from Ms. Martha Stewart herself
(I should have known because it looks PERFECT). Can't wait to try this for a sweet weekend dessert!

What's on your menu this week?


  1. that berry shortcake looks gorgeous!!! i hope you settle down well in your new house


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