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As hard as it is for Clayton and I to believe, there are things going on in the world (and in our own lives) outside of getting our new home move-in ready. In fact, just yesterday we celebrated my bro-in-law's 25th birthday, which also just so happened to be the evening before he starts his very first school year as a full-time teacher. AND my mama is in the process of starting her very own business (talk about brave!).

See? Big things going on all around!

So what else is going on in my little world? Well, I'm currently ...

Recovering from ... Yesterday Clayton called me right before I left work to let me know that his car was dead. Considering that we just spent most of our savings account on a house, I did not take this news very well. Trying my best to be a big girl and not totally stress this inconvenience and the potential price tag associated with it, I spent my drive home focusing on my breathing and trying to remain calm. While sitting at an intersection, I closed my eyes and let out a cleansing breath. I opened my eyes again just in time to watch someone get hit by a car. Yup, you read that right. I watched someone on a motorcycle get smashed by a SUV and flip directly over the front of his bike and skid across the pavement. The entire world stopped moving in that instant and my heart didn't start beating again until I saw the biker get up and walk around.

And thankfully (though it seems a bit irrelevant after watching someone almost die), Clay's car simply had a dead battery. It's still an annoying expense, but it could have been SO much worse.

Eating ... A KIND+ Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate bar. It's kind of pricey for a trail mix bar, but you can't beat its organic ingredients and delicious chocolately drizzle. Since I'm prone to snacking when I'm stressed or overwhelmed, I try to make sure that I'm at least shoving good-for-me things in my face.

Reading ... The tao of Martha: my year of LIVING, or why I''m never getting all that glitter off of the dog by Jen Lancaster. Though I couldn't muster up much enthusiasm for her last 2 memoirs, I can't NOT read a new Jen Lancaster book. Especially a memoir that navigates the pits and valleys of trying to be a domestic goddess. I think the pressure on women to be Martha Stewart-esque (especially after the emergence of Pinterest and other social media sites that seem to cultivate just as much self-loathing as they do gourmet recipes) is stronger than ever and trying to be Ms. Perfect Susie Homemaker 24/7 is something I struggle with every day.

Celebrating ... That I finished my Nutrition class with a 96% and am only 2 weeks away from completely my teaching certification class. If enrollment remains consistent, I will be teaching a New Student Seminar class this fall!

Listening to ... I've been listening to a LOT of classical music while I'm at work. I'm not well-versed on specific composers or famous pieces of music, but I just log into Spotify, type "classical music" in the search bar and go to town. It makes the work day far more peaceful. 
Watching ... The new Netflix original series Orange is the New Black. I can't get enough of this show! Orange is the New Black follows the story of 30-something Piper Chapman who is sentenced to 15 months in prison after she is convicted of carrying drug money for her then-girlfriend. The real kicker? She committed the crime 10 YEARS AGO, just 2 years from the statute of limitations on such a charge. The show portrays an exceptionally honest, real look at the complex relationships between women of all different races and backgrounds.

Looking forward to ... Friday night! Clay and I have plans with Dan and Emily to go rock climbing and catch Brian Posehn at our local comedy club. After so much painting and cleaning, we're really looking forward to an evening of fun with our friends. Plus, I went rock climbing once when I was on vacation in Wyoming and I didn't do too hot. I'm ready to redeem myself!

Wishing ... I was baking. It's been a few weeks since I've gotten out the ol' baking pans and cookie sheets and let me just say, I'm going through some major baked goods withdraws. I found a killer brownie recipe that I've been chomping at the bit to try, but all of the hubbub and excitement from the house has kept me away from my kitchen. Hoping to remedy that problem later this week or weekend!


  1. I've been totally into Orange is the New Black, too!! :)


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