Courtney Confessions

(This is probably my favorite scene from the entire movie.)

1.) I get song lyrics wrong constantly, but that doesn't stop me from singing the song anyway. Apparently the lyrics to "Afternoon Delight" are not "My mamma always said; when it's right, it's right" because, as Clayton pointed out earlier this week, inserting your mother anywhere into that song is just plain creepy.

My exterior at the office when I have PMS:

My interior at the office when I have PMS:
2.) I know that menstrual cycles (sorry, male readers) are supposed to be nature's Bat Mitzvah, but there's something about PMS that causes me to revert back to the mentality of an 8-year old. When I'm spending a week with the much unwelcome Aunt Flo, all I want to do is wrap myself in a blanket, eat MnM cookies and watch all three Toy Story movies back-to-back.

I want this hair cut so bad!
3.) I'm so impatient about growing my hair out. I haven't had it super long in a few years and it's because anytime my length reaches that weird "in between" stage (like it is right now), I get the itch to just chop it all off. I'm trying to stand firm in my decision to let it grow several more inches and dye it ombre, so why do I keep pinning pictures of cute, short styles?

4.) My Wednesdays are completely centered around new episodes of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and for that, I am not ashamed. I know that with every fart and every butchered word in the English language, American society plunges a little lower, but they're called guilty pleasures for a reason!

Do you have anything to confess today?