Coffee Date

I'm kind of digging this "Coffee Date" post series, so I think it might become a regular Notably Neurotic staple. Check out my other coffee date(s) here.

If you and I were having coffee this morning, here's what I'd share with you (immediately after I finished devouring my chocolate muffin, of course.):

I'd tell you that moving into our first house has made me a giant wuss. I'm not one to ever shy away from hard work, but everything we need to do to get our house "live-in ready" is completely overwhelming me. Ever since our closing date on August 2nd, Clay and I have been go! go! go! and I can't stop fantasizing about finally being able to lay down on the couch, watch a movie and do absolutely nothing. I was very naive about just how much painting and cleaning we had to do and was totally unprepared for how much of a hassle it is to paint textured walls. Nothing is going right--I was finally able to disarm the house's alarm system and take the unit off the wall, but it left a giant hole that spackle can't fill; my beloved curtain panels are too large for the windows; and despite several deep-cleaning treatments, some areas of the carpet still have green paint stains and doggie wee-wee odor from the previous owners. I feel tired, frustrated, and extremely guilty for having such ridiculous "first world problems".

Clayton has been a super star through this big change in our lives. He's my rock, the yin to my yang. No one mellows me out more than he does, and I can't say enough how thankful I am to have him talk me down every time my anxiety levels rise and I feel frantic. 

I'd also mention that I haven't had my hair color touched up since February and I'm scheduled to get it done in September. I have a consultation with my stylist next week so we can discuss the cost and how many man-hours will be required to dye my almost-long hair ombre. I'm so excited; it's going to be an early birthday treat for myself! (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's not ridiculously expensive!) I want something fun and different. Ever feel like you want a change? I do!

This is my inspiration:

Also, I miss my sister like crazy. We've always been close and the funny thing is, we haven't lived in the same city in over 10 years and that never deterred our relationship. But for the past several months I've just wanted to be around her and do things with her. I remember this one time we were driving around our hometown in her burgundy Chevy Beretta, she might have been a senior in high school (or was visiting from college, I can't say for sure), and she said to me, "If you weren't my sister, I'd probably still want to be best friends with you."

I'd probably also tell you that I'm itching to travel or take a road trip. I'm going a bit stir crazy and am craving an adventure somewhere new. Clayton and I are hoping to take a distillery tour in Kentucky later this fall with Dan and Emily, but even an overnight stay in a hotel outside of my city would do the trick right now.

What would you share with me on our coffee date?


  1. Jay and I completed the bourbon trail last fall and had a great time! The good news for him is that I hate bourbon (although I could choke down Woodford Reserve) so I was dd. It was awesome though, and sooooo beautiful. You should do it!

  2. Love this post idea! I may have to try it :)

  3. let me know if you travel to louisville for your kentucky tour! I'd love to see you guys and those tours sound like so much fun! dont go to crazy if you need to vent i'm here and always available to just listen

  4. Yay! Kate Beckinsale! She's my hottie celebrity fantasy crush! LoL

    On another note, I am shunned by my family living just under 3 hours away and for some reason I still yearn for their company on occasion. Weird.

    Being a homeowner is no cakewalk, but after you get settled in (in a year if you're good and zealous) you'll be much happier than you would be elsewhere. Its a great feeling. Then you can have your magical lay on the couch whilst watching Dexter and eating chocolate muffins and petting your cat that stalked its way to your new abode. :)



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