A Tuesday Monday weekend recap (that shouldn't make sense)

Happy Monday Tuesday! Sorry I missed the boat for a weekend recap on Monday; work was cray cray and by the time I got home that evening, I immediately laid down for a nap and only got up to make lasagna and bake cookies for a co-worker. After my 11-mile run on Sunday, I've been experiencing a little bit of muscle pain in my back and groin area (sorry for making you think about my groin just now) and was trying to take it easy.

We finally got our cable up and running 4 days after we were supposed to have it (thanks for nothing, Comcast) and I laid on the couch with an ice pack on my back while I caught a replay of the MTV Video Music Awards and watched as Miley Cyrus ruined my life and the desire to slip my hand inside a giant foam finger ever again.

Speaking of cookies, the baking dry spell has officially come to an end! While my lasagna became bubbly and golden brown in the oven, I prepared a massive batch of peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies and let the dough chill in the oven for a few hours (the secret to amazing cookies? Chill the dough. I promise, it makes a huge difference! And be sure to use the super awesome air baking sheet your mother-in-law bought you for your husband's 26th birthday.)

The cookies turned out yummy and my suspicions were correct: Mixie bakes 1,000x better in a kitchen with buttery yellow walls.

I used this recipe for the cookies, only I added a half teaspoon of vanilla to the butter, sugar and egg mixture for a little bit of added flavor. (Not that I have anything against peanut butter, but I wanted to balance out the taste). And anytime you have the choice between using semi-sweet chocolate chips and chocolate chunks, go for the chunks.

You didn't miss anything too earth-shattering after being denied a weekend recap yesterday ... except ya know, I FELL IN LOVE.

Look at that precious face and try to convince me that this beagle puppy shouldn't be mine. I've played with many-a-pup at the pet store and very few could even be considered half as cute as my Joey. This one came close. A classic tri-color beagle, this little lady had the coal-rimmed eyes that I adore so much on a hound and her body shape was ideal. I like my beagles short and stocky, and she fit the bill ... all the way down to her sweet, pink spotted nose.

And when she immediately passed out in my arms after kissing my face? FORGET ABOUT IT. Puppy yawns sound like angels sighing.

Clayton had to practically drag me out of the store. He didn't buy that my sniffling had anything to do allergies (cute things make me weepy, alright!? I watched Tangled for the first time this weekend and bawled, but mostly from the disheartening realization that my hair will never be strong enough for someone to use as a ladder) and no amount of "BUT IT'S MY BIRTHDAY IN 2 MONTHS!" could slow his power walk to the nearest exit.

We both know Joey is only child, but I'm a little bit slutty with my feelings for dogs sometimes. I can't help it. She was just too perfect. And I think highly enough of myself to assume that all puppies love me and want to come home with me, like I'm some kind of magical Dog Whisperer.

The only ball of fur I'll ever truly need. :)

This weekend Clayton and I also put on our Handy Manny hard hats and added yet another light fixture to our increasingly adorable home. It took almost 2 hours and since we had to shut off all of the power in the house so we didn't electrocute ourselves in the process, we got hot and a bit snippy at some points because someone wouldn't stop breathing his hot breath in my face. But we got it done. And it looks beautiful.

The not-so-cute "before".

The classy and sophisticated "after".
Never mind that the bottom part looks like a nipple.

Once we stood back to admire our work, my husband sweetly said, "I'm so proud of us!" right at the exact moment I exclaimed, "I have such good taste!"


Anyway, on Saturday night we had drinks and games over at Colby and Ireli's house (and champagne!). Before joining the group, Ireli and I took a lovely 3-mile stroll on the trail with baby Elisa to catch up and have some girl time. I miss talking to her like we used to back in the day before weddings and babies. But I love that even though our lives are dramatically different than they were when we were 21, our friendship is exactly the same. :)

I saved my long run for Sunday so I could be sure to wake up early enough to get outside before it became too bloody hot to move, and my sister-in-law joined me for the first 7 miles of my journey. We're both running the Monumental Marathon this fall (her the half, me the full) and since she's run a full marathon before, she knows how lonely those long runs can be. Well, lemme tell ya, the first 7 FLEW by and I had plenty of energy to burn for my last 4 solo miles. I can honestly say that's the longest distance I've ever run while holding a conversation and it was great.

We were dismayed to realize our Garmin watches are about .2 miles off from one another and were getting vastly different read-outs at each mile. I'm really paranoid that my watch is the problem, but I monitored my watch against the mile markers for the last 2 miles and it seemed legit, so who knows? I just wanted to stay at a 9:15-9:30 pace and according to my watch, I averaged a 9:06 min/pace. Not too shabby! That's what happens when you talk about TV, clothes and food while you run.

In other news, I re-read Jen Lancaster's debut memoir, Bitter is the New Black and will start her second book, Bright Lights, Big Ass. I've read and re-read all of her memoirs a handful of times and to this day, she is only one of three authors who has ever made me cackle out loud (the other two being Mindy Kaling and of course, the infallible Tina Fey). After finishing Bitter is the New Black last night, I felt more determined than ever to keep writing.

I want to be a writer, dangit.


  1. Yum, those cookies look delicious!! :)

  2. I didn't get a cookie and I was right down the hall. Chanden said they were great though, so high five Alexis! :) Also, check out Harlan Coben. You will enjoy his books and his grammar in particular is awesome! Good job on your lights. Have fun making your place HOME!


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