A rocky weekend recap

I hope to never lay my eyes on a paint brush again.

Except that I'm going to HAVE to look at a paint brush again later tonight when we ya know, continue the Painting Party That Never Wanted to End. Seriously, I think we're on day 6 or 7 of painting now. It sounded like a good idea at the time, but now? I probably could have convinced myself that I could live with sea foam/forest green walls and a neon orange bathroom.

The whole painting project would have taken like, 3 days tops if we didn't have ridiculously textured walls and if we didn't have other pesky activities getting in the way like work and living life.

But the good news is that we are now down to touch-ups and painting the baseboards white (Yes, the old homeowners painted some of the baseboards green. I'm tellin' ya, how Clayton and I were able to see all of the potential in this home when no one else could is beyond me.). We hope to have that nonsense taken care of by the weekend so we can actually MOVE IN!

As I mentioned a week or so ago, Clayton and I made the quick, firm decision to re-paint the kitchen. The kitchen's old yellow was just a bit too bright and if I'm going to be spending so much time in that area, I have to be more than okay with its color. We chose a lighter, more mellow shade of yellow that is called something charming like "Morning Sun", but actually looks identical to banana salt water taffy. If I were a professional paint color namer (and I should be), I would have named the shade "Banana Froth". It's delicious.

Okay, the before picture of the kitchen wall is majorly out of focus and the lighting actually makes the color far more neon than it actually was, but you get the point. 

MUCH easier on the eyes. Mixie is going to look amazing in there! (And from start to finish, this room only took about 4 hours.)

So in honor of working our buns off last week, Clay and I took Friday night completely off from house projects and had an evening out with Dan and Emily. 

Our idea of a relaxing evening out? Rock climbing!

Dan and Emily are members of our local rock climbing facility, Hoosier Heights, and they were running a special where members could bring friends for free. I tried rock climbing once in Wyoming, but the wall was half as tall (and half as safe) and not at all a professional set-up. I've always wanted to try it again because I don't know if you know this about me, I'm a huge fan of any kind of challenging physical activity. 

Oh, and I learned I'm a bit scared of heights. Though we were total newbies, Clay and I didn't have any trouble reaching the top of our bunny-hill climbs. It was just the whole "looking down and realizing how far up you are and that you're dangling by a string" thing that freaked us out. In order to keep my cool, I sang the Spiderman theme song during all of my climbs.

"Spiderman man, Spiderman man, does whatever a Spiderman does" (I always splice it with the Simpson's "Spider Pig" version.)


Dan and Emily were awesome climbers, no surprise there. We all attempted this insane-looking wall that had a stalactite-looking rock stationed beneath a small cave that you literally had to cling to and shimmy up in order to advance on the wall and Emily totally got the farthest. It was impressive. And she looked cute while doing it which is just further proof that she's some kind of super hero. 

After rock climbing, we rushed to our respective homes to shower and clean-up before we headed to the comedy club to see Brian Posehn. (You may recognize him from shows like The Sarah Silverman Program and Just Shoot Me! and tons of other smaller TV appearances and voice-overs; he kinds of reminds me a nerdy Big Bird.) Though he was far more crass than I expected, he was absolutely hilarious. His story about getting older and losing control of your flatulence had me in tears (because I have the humor of a 10 year-old boy).

Before we resumed painting on Saturday morning, I squeezed in my 8-mile training run and holy geeze! It WORE. ME. OUT. Painting all week and then rock climbing for 2 hours really took it out of my body. I don't know what I was thinking and why I didn't figure that scaling large walls all afternoon wouldn't exhaust my muscles, but I paid the price for it during my run. Ouchie! 

But ya know what? I still ran like a boss and that's all that matters. 

Now it's back to the weekday grind. Every night this week is filled with painting or softball (the fall season kicks off this week). I relied on Pinterest to create my entire menu for the week (if you don't meal plan yet, you really should) and our meals for the week are as follows:

Monday: Pineapple Crock Pot Chicken over jasmine rice
Tuesday: leftovers!
Wednesday: Pizzadillas (a new way to make pizza!)
Friday: leftovers!

I already have the pineapple chicken simmering in the crock pot and goodness, it smells good!

What's on your menu for the week?


  1. You crack me up on Pinterest. Seriously. You post great stuff.

    Have a great week.

  2. Rock climbing... Argh! Seriously hard but seriously fun! And you just reminded me I need to go and get my dinner in the crock pot ASAP... Thanks! I love that thing!


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