A moving weekend recap

Happy Monday! (Ugh, it hurt to type that.) "Worn out" and "exhausted" don't even begin to cover how I'm feeling today.

The good news is that after a weekend full of non-stop work, Clayton and I are now about 85% moved into our new house! We're even sleeping there now! We'd celebrate if we weren't so tired.

Every time Clayton and I get finished moving, we always vow to hire a moving company for the next time. Moving into the townhouse was no different; we PROMISED each other we'd pay movers to lug our stuff across town to the house. However, we still ended up doing all the moving ourselves with nothing but the assistance of my mom's boyfriend's giant Ford truck. With the exception of my in-laws' assisting with the delivery and assembly of the buffet that matches our dinner table, Clay and I grunted and strained by ourselves for HOURS.

My mom and her boyfriend, Terry, stopped by on Saturday morning to unearth the giant flag pole we had in our yard. Terry owns his own automotive shop and thought he could re-purpose the rusty pole on his property. My mom brought over a black berry pound cake made from scratch (Oh my, so yummy!) and some stuffed peppers for dinner that night. She also brought over a carefully constructed moving box, complete with multiple layers of bubble wrap, so I could safely move Mixie into her new home.

We were so beat and sore by the time we finished emptying the last load of furniture, we decided we deserved ice cream for dinner last night. It's tragic that I didn't have my first Dairy Queen Blizzard of the summer until mid-August, but it was well worth the wait. I tried the S'more Blizzard and felt like a little dare devil for eating dessert without any supper. (P.S. The S'more Blizzard is the best Blizzard.)

Tonight should have been the night that I would finally get to make my first meal in the house, but Clayton's been battling a stomach bug and it looks like we're having grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup for our first special dinner as homeowners. Boo.

In other news, I enjoyed my day off on Friday. That evening we went to dinner and a free comedy show with Mitch and Molly. We dined at The Trojan Horse and I tried fish tacos for the very first time. The pieces of fish we're breaded with a really spicy blend of seasonings (just the way I like my food!), and they are definitely worth ordering again. Clayton got his usual gyro and got really mad at me when I ate half of his french tries. We've been together for over a decade, I can't believe things like this still surprise and anger him.

On Saturday morning, before the moving marathon, I completed my 10-mile training run. It's the first long run in weeks that I haven't had to stop for a cramp and I stayed right at my targeted goal pace. It was a really good run and minus the brief choking that ensued when I tried to eat a few bites of a Power Bar at mile 7, it was smooth sailing.

Sunday morning, after waking up in our home for the very first time, I took a leisurely stroll through our neighborhood and discovered we have an awesome 4-mile loop that I can't wait to run!

How was your weekend?


  1. Yay! Only 15% to go... Haha. I hate moving but I always love unpacking in a new place. Hope you get some enjoyment out of that. Fun times!


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