A morning run

I got up at 6:00 a.m. this morning and ran 4 miles before work.

Simmer down, this isn't going to be a regular thing. You know what happens when I say I'm going to keep doing something hard—I usually stop doing it. I'm not jinxing anything by making any outrageous claims or promises that morning running will become a habit for me (we've traveled down this dead-end road many a times together, remember?). After my softball game last night, I decided to go to my in-laws' for a birthday whiskey in honor of Teresa's special day rather than going home to work out. And since there is a margarita tower in my future this evening, I basically had zero choice BUT to get up and run this morning.

So when it comes right down to it, alcohol directly affected my ability to not run both last night and tonight.

I should really monitor that.

I had some crazy bedhead going on this morning.
Thank goodness it was dark outside and the neighborhood was still asleep.

After yesterday's pity post, I was actually rather nervous about running these 4 miles. I didn't know if they would feel laborious and continue to contribute my increasing self-doubt about marathon training. I didn't know if my hips would be sore or if my legs would feel heavy. I didn't know if I would end up feeling frustrated and begin my Friday in tears.

But fearing the unknown is pointless; so I just got up, put on my running clothes, hit "Start" on my Garmin, and hoped for the best.

It was still pitch black when I started out, but a peachy hue from the rising sun was starting to expand along the horizon and was a quiet reminder that this was a fresh start. A serene fog settled over the neighborhood and despite a heavy thickness in the air from lingering humidity, it was a quite comfortable temperature.

Unless it's a race, I have a hard time getting my body moving first thing in the morning (the adrenaline on a the morning of a half marathon has me up and ready to move at full-speed by 5:00 a.m.). Though I have very few morning training runs under my belt, every single one has been slow and consistent. It takes my body forever to wake up.

But I forced myself to do a tempo work out and I'm actually thrilled to report that I ran my last mile in 7 minutes and 51 seconds. It was all the proof I needed to confirm my suspicions that the heat and long days at work were huge contributing factors to my recent slew of bad runs.

My favorite part of the Monumental Half has always been running as the sun comes up.
I got to do that again today!
Are you guys sick of hearing me talk about running yet? Sorry, a lot of people either hate running or are totally indifferent to it and if sweating makes you feel dead inside, my blog can come across as a bit repetitive.

For that I apologize. But this blog is true to my life and a huge chunk of my life is running, so ... there you go. 

But avid runners can talk about running even when they're out things to say about it. The other day I bumped into a co-worker who heard through the grapevine that I was a runner and we ended up talking about training for like, 20 minutes. Running is a glue that binds people together, no doubt.

This was the best thing I found on Pinterest this month:

Oh, and in other totally random news, moving into the house means that we finally have room for our kitchen table's matching buffet (don't worry if you don't know what a buffet is. Up until about a year I thought it had something to do the Golden Corral, not furniture). 

Clay tells me that I saw this buffet once when it was still in Grandma's house back in Tennessee, but I've reminded him several times that that was our freshman year of college and I barely remember the trip, let alone what pieces of furniture Grandma had. So unwrapping the buffet after its move into our dining room was exciting because I had no idea what to expect. I only knew the wood was the same color as the coordinating table. 

I love it! I'm not very well-versed in construction or carpentry, but even I can recognize that having this set of furniture from the 1960s is really special. The buffet has a light above its top shelf and I'm practically salivating for Christmas to get here so I can put a Nativity scene up there (I have fond memories of the white marble Nativity set my mother had and remember how beautiful it looked beneath the light at the top of our entertainment center.)

Having a buffet is awesome, but for several days I wasn't sure what to fill it with. I've already stuffed the drawers to the gills with Yankee Candles, board games and specialty cheese plates (which begs the question: why do Clayton and I have so many cheese plates?), but I was kind of stumped over what to put on the glass shelves. We don't own any china (I don't really have a use for it), but I still thought it would be nice to fill it with some pretty dishes. 

Hello, Target clearance sale!

For just $8 dollars, I am the proud owner of 8 beautiful blue dinner plates that look absolutely fabulous in the buffet. The UPS delivery man knocked on our door during my lunch break today and I wasted no time ripping open the box and putting the dishes on display. 

I'm just pleased as Punch (did you know that's a British expression derived from a puppet show about a guy who was delighted over killing his child and beating his wife? Knowledge is power!) over how well our house is coming together. I spent my entire adult life favoring browns and earthy tones for apartment decor because I always felt like it was easier (and always extremely popular). However, I really want my own home to reflect what a great life Clayton and I have built together with Joey and that life? Is totally bright and sunny.

Well, I am signing off for the long weekend! Tonight we're meeting Dan and Emily for the aforementioned margarita tower and then we're gonna stumble walk over to the theater to see We're the Miller's. I'm particularly excited to see this flick because it features not only Jennifer Aniston (my personal beauty and style idol) but it also stars my Hollywood boyfriend, Jason Sudeikis.

Happy Labor Day weekend!


  1. hi! I've become a regular reader now! where is the marathon taking place and when?

  2. Grandma will be so happy to know you are loving the buffet. Looking good! Teresa

  3. Marathon training is definitely HARD YAKKA! You are doing so well, keep it up! I love that Pinterest find, it is sooo true (unfortunately)... haha. Totally want to see that movie too, hope it's good :)


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