Weekend Recap

Too little sleep, burnt coffee, the overwhelming urge to light my hair on fire and jump out a windowI definitely have a case of the Mondays.

To make matters worse, Clayton has both today and tomorrow off of work (after taking off most of last week), so he looked a snug as a bug in a rug this morning while I peeled myself out of bed and get in the shower. It took a lot of self-restraint not to bash his sleepy little head with my pillow. 

Our weekend was great, and I'm just a big ol' Grumpy Gus because it's already over. Two days never feels like enough time to relax, see friends and get all of your chores done. However, I'm not exactly mad about time passing so quickly because we are now officially 11 days from closing on our house! 

Clay and I are trying to break up some of the costs of moving into our first home by spacing out purchases of the things we know we will want/need for the move. We're buying a few small things here and there and by letting a pay check lapse between each purchase, it feels like a smaller hit on our wallets.

I never thought I would be excited to purchase a light fixture, but Friday night definitely proved me wrong. After work, Clay and I went to the home improvement store to pick out replacement dome lights for our hallway and kitchen (the sellers either never had any or they took them with them when they moved, which is weird either way). While shopping, we also picked out a really pretty overhead light for our dining room (which I guess would be a chandelier?). The one currently in the house looks like a hanging candelabra and is a little too Phantom of the Opera-y for my taste. We selected a simple, elegant fixture with bronze accents.

While in the store, Clayton and I got into a discussion about the different types of lights we could buy for the dining room and I gave him a brief education on the difference between flush and semi-flush mounts ... and that's when I realized I was officially boring and lame. 

And the amount of time we spent discussing different types of mulch is just down-right inexcusable. 

We also had a game board night with the mom-and-dad and sis-and-bro-in-laws, and we ended up playing a game called "Like Minds" that Clay and I actually bought Mitch and Molly as a Christmas gift a few years back. We went through a few rounds and if this game is any sort of measuring stick for how well you know your significant other, we're all screwed. I'm still peeved that Clayton listed cod as his first choice in the category "Different types of fish you can eat". TUNA, Clayton, TUNA! That's ALL YOU BUY.

Bitter? Me? Never.

Saturday morning Clay and I went to the Farmer's Market which, admittedly, was our first trip there all summer. We purchased an eggplant for the eggplant lasagna I prepared on Sunday, and we shared a giant hazelnut and Nutella cinnamon roll for breakfast. 

That night we met up with Dan and Emily for dinner and drinks and found ourselves playing Cards Against Humanity while sipping beers at The Tap. Any embarrassment you feel about playing such an inappropriate game in public is quickly vanquished by alcohol.

While we were chatting, Dan and Emily made the most amazing offer to give us their unused lawn mower and weed whacker. It was seriously the sweetest, nicest gesture ever and I really don't think they realize how much of a headache they've spared us. They are without a doubt the most gracious, kind-hearted people we know!

I got in two runs this weekend, 3 miles on Saturday and a sloppy, painful 6-mile run on Sunday. Saturday's 3 miles turned out to be pretty awesome because I finished my workout just minutes before a massive thunderstorm hit the area and the dark clouds and steady breeze brought much needed relief in the heat. But Sunday's run is a totally different story. The sun beat down on my back the entire time and I was so groggy and light-headed from reading my book outside that morning, I quickly decided 7 miles would have to be 6. And then I settled for only 5. And then I walked a mile back to my car, went home, guzzled a bunch of water, and ran another pitiful mile around my neighborhood because I'm stubborn about sticking to a schedule with marathon training just on the horizon.

We wrapped up our weekend with a doggie date at the dog park with Mitch and Molly, but our excursion was short-lived because Joey stepped something that made his little tootsies sore. He wouldn't put pressure on his back leg and we almost had to carry him back to the car. I went into my typical panic mode, fretting that he legitimately hurt himself, but he licked his foot for a few minutes at home and then seemed totally fine. We suspect he just got stung by something ... and is a total drama queen.

The eggplant lasagna turned out absolutely wonderful! I was nervous Clayton would pick out the eggplant (he swears up and down he's never had it before), but he actually ate it without any complaints. Eggplant lasagna is easy: Make lasagna as normal, but substitute layers of sliced eggplant for noodles. Ricotta cheese kinda of gives me the dry heaves, so I mixed it with eggs and Parmesan cheese to mask its taste. 

How was your weekend? Any fun plans for the upcoming week?


  1. You are so funny! Looks like a great wknd w/ eats and running. Mine was similar. Took a rest day Sunday. It was amazing. Teaching 5 spin classes this week on top of my full time gig and running then my LR is 19 this coming wknd. Should be crazy busy...but I like my life a little on the crazy side.


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