Weekend recap

I was having a pleasant dream about Chinese food when my alarm went off this morning. (I was literally standing at the counter ordering a pint of fried rice and some egg rolls.) Needless to say, I was not a happy to be awake and not eating Chinese food.

How was your weekend? Ours was pretty good! It felt long (which is weird to say because weekends are usually never long enough), but we got a lot done and still had time for some fun activities. 

Friday night we enjoyed a few beers with my bro-and-sis-in-law at a newish bar downtown called The Tap. Their menu boasts an insane number of different beers and even though I knew exactly which beer I wanted the second I sat down (Hello, Sun King Sunlight!), I made it a point to a sample a few new-to-me varieties. After trying maybe 3 or 4 different beers (one with hints of bubble gum. Blech!), one fact still remains: Light ales are my favorite.

I also took perhaps one of the most unflattering pictures of all time. Each table in the bar had its own mini spotlight shining down on it and let's face it, harsh over-head lighting benefits NO ONE. My sister-in-law looks adorable as always, but me? I have eyebrows and my face is not shaped like a Moon Pie, I promise.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to participate in what I believe was my 20th road race! I've ran in the Sarah Jones Memorial 5K for the past three years now and it's definitely one of my favorite courses in town. I love the race because it celebrates the life of a very courageous young woman and it's also a jaunty little out-and-back that is perfect for PRing.

That being said, I did not PR this weekend. Ha! Last year, the course was incredibly mis-measured (is that a word?) and wound up being about .2 miles shorter than it should have been. That being said, we all had incredible times last year because we didn't technically run an entire 5k. So this year's time was going to be slower no matter what; I was just happy it was legitimately USATF certified.

About 2 minutes before the race began, I was seriously debating walking instead of running. I woke up early that morning with, um, stomach issues, and wasn't sure that running was the best thing for my unsettled tummy and touchy digestive system. Runners were literally crowding around the start line, and I was off to the side in a heated debate with Clayton, weighing the pros and cons of potentially embarrassing myself in public.

I hate wasting money, so I chose to run. The race finished without incident (thank goodness!) and even though I was feeling queasy and dehydrated from um, being in the bathroom all morning, I placed first in my age group for the second year in a row! 24:39. Not my best 5k time ever, but hey. Whatever.

And after eating a Burger King croissant breakfast sandwich, I felt MUCH better. Sometimes all you need is a little grease. 

Saturday afternoon was spent at the vet's office because Mr. Bizzles was overdue for a rabies vaccination and we wanted him to have a general wellness exam before we schedule his next teeth cleaning. Being at the vet stresses Joey out to no end and this visit stressed me out in particular because at 8 years old, Joey is officially recognized as a senior citizen. When our vet stepped out of the examination room to grab something, I burst into tears. Time needs to slow down and Joey needs to be a puppy forever.

Thankfully, Joey has a clean bill of health and aside from stinky breath, he's as healthy as a horse. The vet assured me that he doesn't look his age in the slightest and he has the energy and spunk of a dog half his age.

P.S. Vet visits are EXPENSIVE.

After hyperventilating for a solid 10 minutes, he finally laid down.
I like the color of my vet's office walls. Is that weird?

Despite getting a lot of chores done around the house (My goodness, my bathroom was disgusting! Between my showers and Joey's bath that day, we managed to clog the drain.), I found myself with ample time to read. The sun even decided to peek out for a few hours on Sunday and I was able to sit outside in the sunshine and finish my second book of the weekend.

Yup, I read two books this weekend! I finished Sophie Kinsella's I've Got Your Number on Saturday evening and was so upset that it was over, I immediately picked up Jennifer Gooch Hummer's Girl Unmoored. It was so engrossing, I flew through it in less than 12 hours (including sleeping). Both books had me in tears. The first book left me in cheesy, obvious-happy-endings-are-so-stupid-but-sweet tears and the second left me in oh-my-gosh-this-is-slightly-devastating tears. I highly recommend both books!

I'm not working on Flowers for Algernon because apparently it's an America classic and I A.) always thought it was a Little House on the Prairie sequel and apparently it's not and B.) It was made into a movie in 2000 and there are few things I enjoy more than reading a book and immediately watching the movie version so I can judge it.

Sunday evening I tried something new for dinner and made homemade black bean burgers topped with cheese, sliced avocado, and a Dijon mustard and mayo mixture. I baked a pan of sweet potato fries on the side, and it was a perfect summer dinner!

I searched the internet for a few different black bean burger recipes and ultimately customized my own special recipe based on what I did and didn't already have in my pantry. I drained a can of black beans and mushed them down with a fork, leaving quite a few chunks. Then I added garlic salt, cumin, chili powder, paprika, several drops of hot sauce, and heaping handful of bread crumbs. I mixed the ingredients together, separated and squished it into patties, and baked the patties in the oven for about 10 minutes at 375°.

I only wished we had tastier buns to serve them on.

Ha. HA. Did you see what I just did there? MY TASTY BUNS.

Okay, I need more coffee.

Or maybe less.

Happy Monday!


  1. Nice job on the 5K! I can't even tell you how many TOTAL road races I've done. Too many.

    Chinese food sounds awful good right now.

  2. Congrats on your 5k win!! Also tasty buns... lolz. :P


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