Wednesday workout

Man, yesterday was an ORDEAL, but as of 8:00 a.m. this morning, we officially have electricity being set up at our new house. And I officially have more evidence to support my claim that calling customer service numbers is America's most hated pastime.

A few friends commiserated with me about their own move-in frustrations, and it made me feel better to know that this kind of thing happens to everyone. If this whole process was easy and stress-free, everyone would be doing it.

After driving over to the house from the office to take down any and all numbers written on the meter (in the rain. I should mention that it was raining and I didn't have an umbrella and my work heels were getting stuck in the wet ground), I came home to take a much deserved nap. (I've actually been REALLY good about not napping after work these days, but I was irritated and it was gloomy out and everyone knows that those are perfect napping conditions.)

Then I went for a run. I had plans to run with a friend after work, but we had to postpone because of all the rain in the area. However, by late that evening the clouds cleared and I was able to sneak outside rather than be confined to the treadmill. The sun not setting until almost 10 o'clock really has its perks!

I did some speed work that took me from our townhouse to the first leg of Clear Creek trail. The trail was pretty deserted by that time of day, causing the area's wildlife to feel bold enough to come out of hiding. I spotted a doe and her speckled fawn grazing in a field and it was so gosh darn scenic and beautiful, I had to stop and snap a picture (and that's really saying something because homie don't pause her Garmin for nobody!).

Thank goodness no one else was around.

On my trek back home, I came face-to-face with a blue heron standing in the creek next to the road, but he spazzed out and flew away before I got close enough to capture him on camera. Such a shame, too. I was going to make that bird famous.

Blue herons aren't particularly beautiful birds, but they remind of my mom. (I'm not saying my mom in any way resembles a mildly unattractive avian species, but she used to have a blue heron living on the pond in her backyard and always got really excited when she saw it.)

I can't say I'll totally miss apartment-living (though I WILL miss having a maintenance guy immediately come fix whatever I break), but I'll really miss our townhouse and its close proximity to the trail. Since I started training 3 years ago, these are pretty much the only roads my legs have ever known as a runner and the ever-expanding trail is definitely one of my favorite things about this town.

It's going to be weird having to actually drive there now.

I got back home and lifted a few free weights because I recently came to the startling realization that I have a bit of a "bat wings" situation going on. I have bat wings because I absolutely hate lifting free weights and usually skip that part of my workout altogether. As a result, I have the upper body strength of a gnat. 

After grunting and straining my way through a few exercises, I showered and reheated a bowl of the Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili I made on Sunday night. Crock pot recipes have been a godsend recently and if you still haven't tried this easy chili, you really should!

All chili tastes best when served from my cherry boob bowl.

Hope you're having a great Hump Day! The hubby and I are headed to the county fair tonight and that reminds me: I really should call the fair grounds to warn them that I'm coming. That way, they can make sure to have plennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnty of cotton candy ready for my arrival.


  1. Courtney,

    For what it's worth when we closed on our house we had a similar experience with the utilities. Our closing took place on a Friday morning at 10 a.m. and when we got to the house an hour and a half later the gas and electricity had been shut off. After calling utility companies we found out that the services had been shut off during our closing session and couldn’t be turned on until the following Monday…sounds like this is part of the move-in process. Congrats on again on the new crib!


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