Things I Love Thursday

The last several nights I've fallen asleep watching old episodes of MTV Diary and Making of the Video on my Kindle because I will forever harbor an obsession for late 90s pop music. Britney Spears' pre-K-Fed abs and sober Backstreet Boys make my heart long for precious, simpler times.

That being said, let's talk about some other things I'm currently loving ...

These wildly popular high heel cupcakes from Grandma's Bakery in Cashton, Wisconsin. It's a travesty that this bakery doesn't deliver and that I don't have the gas money to drive there. If you think I wouldn't try sticking my foot in one of these before eating it, you're nuts.

I am absolutely smitten with this ceramic measuring spoon set from Mod Cloth! I would love to display it in my soon-to-be sunny yellow kitchen and "pick" a spoon every time I bake.

I feel like I always need a new handbag (I am woman, hear me shop!), and I'm starting to gravitate more towards tote bags for their professionalism and storage capacity. I love the stripes and bright turquoise on this Michael Kors bag. However, I do not love the price. Yikes.

American Eagle finally made the perfect pair of khakis. Gone are the days of high-water bootcut monstrosities that gap and stretch at the waist to epic proportions. American Eagle's Skinny Trouser (in olive) are officially my new favorite work pants. Since I'm built like a Lego man, I had to order these in a short length, but they hit my ankle at the right spot and make my business casual wardrobe super fun and uber comfy! I paired these with wedges and a cardigan yesterday and felt fabulous!

What are some things you're loving right now?


  1. I LOOOOOOVE that handbag!! And those cute high heel cupcakes are awesome - feel free to post one to me in NZ :)


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