The time that Clayton and I looked SUPER unattractive

I'm sorry about yesterday's complete lack of a post. It was a hectic day and I didn't have all that much to talk about anyway, and in lieu of writing a post all about how I'm busy and have nothing to talk about, I thought I'd give you a small break from my life. ha ha

Last night, after Clayton and I got home from the trail (he rode his bike while I walked and did random "stations" of calisthenics), we enjoyed a dinner of spicy steak fajitas and then curled up on the couch to watch the end of Mean Girls on HBO (I own this movie and still insist on watching it every time it's on TV). Clayton and I were laying with our heads together and Mr. Bizzles decided to get in our cuddle fest by inserting himself right in between us.

Then this adorable picture happened, and I'm going to cherish it forever:

My boys. <3

After I finished snapping no less than 30 billion pictures of my husband and dog's epic cuteness, Clayton grabbed my phone and said, "My turn to take pictures of you!" I had just taken a shower, had no make-up on and my hair was kind of wet and sticking to my faceI was not camera ready. I pulled one of our blankets up to my face in protest.

Clayton snapped a picture anyway and when he burst out laughing louder than I've ever heard him laugh before, I had to see what it looked like.

Apparently my camera phone has a distortion filter. A distortion filter that Clayton discovered and abused to the hilt.

This is both of our favorite.

We were laughing at these pictures so hard, we were in tears. I already have a tragically unflattering laugh when I think something is super funny, so I was guffawing and braying like a donkey in a heat (we might get a noise complaint from our neighbors, seriously). I burst out laughing for a second time when I looked at these pictures again this morning. Had my owl mug been near my mouth at the time, coffee would be all over my computer monitor right now.

We even got Joey in on the action. Doesn't he totally look like a Far Side character? LOVE IT!

So how was YOUR night?


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