The Carpenters

I'm not sure if I told you this or not, but Clayton and I bought a house.

I kid, I kid. Of course I remember telling you. I think I've even told complete strangers about it at this point.

Everything seems to be going smoothly and it's my suspicion that, aside from turning a few remaining documents over to our lender, it's mostly a waiting game until we close on August 2nd.

Ha, a waiting game. This brain and these obsessive compulsions wait for no one.

That being said, Clayton and I are getting an early jump on purging our townhouse of a few items and pieces of furniture that we don't feel like lugging across town with us when we move. And you know what happens when you get rid of things you don't want or need anymore? It makes all kinds of crazy room for NEW things!

Clayton and I are essentially playing a rousing game of "Transition From Renters to Homeowners on a Shoestring Budget", so that means that there is a lot of Craigslist and ebay in our immediate future.

Since the furniture collection we bought our couch from was discontinued and we can no longer purchase the matching loveseat (Fun fact: I can't function with mismatched furniture. It's an illness. I got it from my mother.), we sold our old couch and bought a giant sectional couch without actually spending any money. (Seriously, you think the people on Extreme Couponing are impressive? You've never seen me barter on used college student furniture.)

So while the new-to-us couch is super comfortable and Joey, Clayton and I can all sprawl out at the same time without touching each other, we failed to consider that the couch is like, 6 inches lower than our current coffee table. If you're laying on the couch, the top of the coffee table kind of obscures our view of the TV.

Not to mention, the couch is cool shades of brown while the coffee table is a warm shade of brown, and none of that computes properly in my brain.

So yeah, we're selling the old coffee table. If I can't have a full, uninterrupted view of Vampire Eric during True Blood on Sunday nights, my weekends will be ruined.

The only problem is that while Clayton and I acknowledge that our coffee table is no longer suitable for our needs, neither of us wants to invest in any more furniture. We want to save our pennies for the gallons of paint we will inevitably need to make the purple master bedroom and banana yellow bathroom disappear.

Hey, What's up?

With leftover couch-selling money, I ordered both a coffee table and a side table from Ikea (but if you order it through Amazon, you can get free shipping). The tables are nothing super sexy by any means, but Clayton and I found the perfect solution to create the living room look we want without going broke:

DIY Rustic Wood Coffee Table from The Feminist Mystique

Another fun fact? The table this blogger used for her project is the exact same table I ordered. IKEA for the win!

Clayton and I both read through the instructions for creating this look, and we're pretty convinced we can pull it off. (But please pray for us. Carpentry is not our forte. Buying things that are already completed and ready to use is.) When all is said and done, we should have a pretty snazzy looking living room set for only $100.

But if it looks terrible, I'm not going to let you see pictures.


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