Look, Ma! No naps!

In an effort to keep myself from going home after work and immediately taking a nap like the lazy slob I've become, I changed into my workout clothes in the office bathroom and drove straight to the trail. It was about 98 degrees outside by that point in the afternoon, but I had a super stressful day at work and needed to run it out (running is my favorite therapy). I found a nice mile or so loop that was completely shaded and decide to stick to that area and that area only. I walked in the sun to the start of the shady patch and in those five minutes, I was already dripping with sweat.

Once I got moving in the shade, it really wasn't that bad! Believe it or not, a small breeze blew through the trees along the dirt trail and while I wasn't overly comfortable, I didn't feel faint, overheated or drained. The shaded area had the fortune of being covered all day long and the ground felt slightly cool. It ended up being a pretty nice run and the fact that I stuck to a fairly average pace was a blessing.

But man, walking in the sun was another story all together! I felt totally fine during my run, but it was the long trek back to my car that left me feeling nauseous and craving more water. The afternoon sun bore down on the top of my head and that's when I realized there was virtually no one else around; the parking lot was deserted. The other small group of runners I saw taking off towards the shaded path had disappeared minutes ago. The crows cawing in the background set the scene's ominous, eerie tone.

Looks like it's just me now.

My forehead looks like a puddle and it was so muggy and humid, my camera lens fogged up!

All things considered, not bad!

So I came home from my run looking rather disgusting and guzzled two bottles of water. Then I went to our final softball game of the summer and even though it was 9:30 p.m. by that point, we were all equally miserable in the muggy heat. To say I completely passed out in bed that night is a total understatement. 

I went to bed far later and more exhausted than I ever intended, but hey, at least I didn't take a nap! :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Woohoo! I love how not having a nap is a great achievement for you. I did have a nice sunday arvo nap today and I thought that was a good achievement! :)


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